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Found 3 results

  1. Paramount Pictures has launched a new channel on YouTube that allows users to watch hundreds of licensed movies, in full, for free. As you might expect, there aren’t too many classics within the trove. Yet amongst the dross you’ll find some well-known names like King Solomon’s Mines, Elvis’s King Creole and Masters Of The Universe (pictured). Why has Paramount – a subsidiary of MTV owner Viacom – taken this step? No doubt to capture some advertising revenue from an assortment of films which would otherwise go unwatched. The exact sort of films which previously found a new lease of life by filling up the catalogue of third-party platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. “Viewers are invited to explore the vast landscape of cinema’s history, share their favourite films and discover new ones.” Now Paramount has taken the step of offering them on its own channel, and splitting the ad revenue with YouTube.This is also very likely to be a precursor to whatever Paramount has up its sleeve when YouTube launches a subscription tier for partners, due later this year. And as an added bonus, it’s potentially something of a legal alternative to those who would usually watch movies on the likes of Popcorn Time. Within the Paramount Vault, you’ll also find clips from much-loved movie classics such as Airplane, Clueless and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, giving fans tasters of films they might then want to rent or buy online. Paramount’s official statement on the Vault’s About Us page reads: “The Paramount Vault showcases a collection of Paramount full-length films and clips including selections that range from black-and-white to color, comedy to horror, and everything in between. “Viewers are invited to explore the vast landscape of cinema’s history, share their favorite films, and discover new ones through this official channel created by Paramount Pictures.” Check out the Vault through here and watch the ‘sizzle’ video below.
  2. Australian Filmmaker Wade K. Savage is happy to announce that he is now in development of a high production value Fallout Fan Film, "FALLOUT : LANIUS ". "FALLOUT: LANIUS" will be a Fan Made, not for profit, short film based on the "Fallout" series of video games by Black Isle Studios, Obsidian Entertainment, and Bethesda Softworks. The film will bring together a host of upcoming talented filmmakers to produce a cinematic Fan Based "Fallout" experience. The team is also happy to announce original voice actor Mitch Lewis, will reprise his role of "Legate Lanius" for the short. The film is a blood soaked high concept action epic, which will explore the origin story of the primary antagonist "Legate Lanius" from the 2010 video game "Fallout: New Vegas". Graphic design will be provided by graphic designer Jeffrey Phillips (www.jeffreyphillips.com.au), whilst concept art and design will be by Simon Boxer ( www.simonboxer.com ). A crowd-sourcing funding campaign is expected to take place mid-year. STORY SUMMARY On the brink of ruin, the Hidebark people are about to be wiped out by the slaving organization, Caesar's Legion. However, their most ruthless warrior would prefer death to dishonour. "FALLOUT: LANIUS" will recount how a single man brings ruin to his people due to his lust for bloodshed and victory. ABOUT THE TEAM Wade K. Savage is an award winning theatre and film director. His short films have shown globally. His most recent short film "Hunt" (2011) screened at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival. His 2010 short "The Dead Wastes" won the Night of Horror International Film Festival's coveted 'Independent Spirit' award. This is the filmmakers' first Fan Film. Mitch Lewis is a Hollywood based Voice Actor with experience in narration and voice work for both video games and film. His credits include Guild Wars 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Thor: God of Thunder and The Incredible Hulk amongst others. Jeffrey Phillips is an Australian illustrator and designer. His portfolio includes a multitude of clients in all industries and sectors. Simon Boxer is a Melbourne based concept artist and game developer. He works in film, TV and video game sectors internationally.
  3. The Source Filmmaker Beta is a powerful tool that works with the Source engine to create a flexible, modifiable 3D recording that can be exported as a movie or as a still image. The 3D recording you create in the SFM can contain recorded gameplay, models, cameras, lights, particles, animations, effects, and sounds—and the motion information for how each element changes over time. With the SFM, you can essentially film "on location" in your favorite TF2 map—whether it's one that Valve released or one that you modded yourself. You can use the SFM's large library of maps, models, animations, sounds, particle systems, and effects, or you can import your own. Because you're working with a virtual world, and your recording stores all the 3D motion data for every element, you can modify any aspect of the recording at any time. This makes it easy to make the kind of last-minute changes that would be extremely expensive in a live-action studio. The SFM is the actual internal tool Valve developed over the past several years to create its own trailers and other short films set in Valve's game worlds, and it's being shared with the public because we want to see what you can do with it. Developer wiki-notes http://sourcefilmmaker.com/ Hmmm......en battlerecorder til bf3 hadde vært fint.
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