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  1. Well yes it will hurt the server if 6 people built 6 bases at 450 compared to 1 base for 6 people at 450 , taking into account that not all individuals build bases some are group shared, there are 6 of us that share a base, so really we using 75 parts per person, maybe it would be good if I suggested to the exile dev's to put the allowance more on the person, than the territory and only limited to being on two territories.
  2. This mean we have to now download latest update of Exile ...sorry If comes across as a dumb question ... hehe
  3. 4 deaths in a row as cant spawn in due to wind, and yes i press s soon as spawn in ... K/D is getting destroyed I logged out because can't land ..can we not ground spawn till its fixed please (that's if they fix it) Not only that because you die ...you lose the marker of where you body was due to not having time to mark map on spawn in ... Had to leave due to lack of impatience ...lol
  4. "If the only penalty of death is that it takes you a few minutes with a bike to get to your corpse(if it's still there) then that doesn't pose much of a challenge" But should death always have a penalty? take that NWAF firestation, one of the walls keeps swallowing me in and spitting me out dead no matter how I try to avoid it,, same with some other ArmA buildings/sandbags, I die from quite a lot of bugs more than players/ ai ... already carried its penalty IMO .. lol Anyways, Guns are disappearing quicker on bodies nr missions, > Due to ai losing their guns after a certain period of time, The guns are disappearing as well , pain in the ass when you do cycle that 7k back to body to finish missions up north ... (yeah I know, don't get shot ...) Thank Q aswell for removing names from capture points helps the Lone Wolves a bit , especially those who know that person is on their own .
  5. Loving the server (although can't access it today since the server host changed) A few requests to take into consideration, View distance ... please can we have it about 1500 -2000 .. need to put them lovely sniper rifles & LD scopes to good use Halo parachute, When windy sometimes its hard to steer the parachute due to wind effect as the parachute is too low, it's causing unnecessary suicides killing the K/D stats, also sometimes if spawning in at night it would be nice have option to glide to a lit area as no NV deployed on spawn in (probably beneficial to new players joining at night as running round /cycling in real dark isn't too much fun and NV is hard to find). Sure I have more but these two would make me happy, Thanks
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