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  1. Hey Swede.

    Did you keep old recordings from bfgeeks bf2 tournaments from 2006? it's where you did an improvised bftv setup and commentated battles.

    i found an old recording prophecy vs dfa, but it is low res with questionable quality. it could be great if there were higher quality recordings available

  2. Exciting news in the horizon. Santa is coming early this year!. /The-Swede & Yankman
  3. To Bump this yet again. (Most be thw worlds slowest replies ever! Keep your pants on but YES we will do a full comeback in April!!!! not a Joke More news in press realese in 2 weeks time.... See you all at TG-2015 . see if you can find me!
  4. Oooohhh... those where the days
  5. The swede <3 So many good memories from BF2 relate to you.. The nostialgia smacks me with a mighty fist! "...aaaand we arrre liiiive" nawh LOL thx, sorry for hijacking the thread. there will soon be a little interview on www.bfhq.se nothing new, but some goodies may appear in a nostalgic way. and a MAJOUR thx to Henrik Stene for manage to resque some of our lost archive http://vimeo.com/20609873 Todelooo
  6. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6657794/BF...GBF.tv_comeback Yes iknow. 6 months to LATE, but hey better late then sorry :-)
  7. a new one, the other one is broken lol
  8. I upgraded him to a new "YankMan 1.1" which is more solid , but not so easy to p*ss off.
  9. I dont agree on this, but let me explain my view to enlight you with my thinking. Take Sewers as an example. We are keeping a good eye on the gates inside. "suddenly" no more refreshing troops are coming in. Why? the Cyclops thingie is out and having phun with their closest spawn = we cant be on 2 places at same time. We might still be sitting in the gate room while all the action moved outside. To get a full overview on this example. we must have 1 guy tracking the Titan/Cyclops fight outside while were down in the gates tracking the infantry. It's not impossible at all, just trying to say theese are things that will take long time to master get a right feeling for the casters. /Cheers
  10. Hey all ol' schools, i totally agree in your critics, we had very little time prepare and i personally never had a chanse to really get into the game myself. Cant more than apology for that. However last night was the final and Taken made a great Job ;-) (even though they lost) I will fire up a archive link as soon as we have edited and re-encoded it. For TGBF -> Future, we will most likely put ET:QW to sleep. it was fun for the little while we were there, but the game doesnt do for good spectating / casting. It's very similar to Big war BF2. to much going on and action is spread over LARGE areas. The new ET:QW -TV support also makes our Video feed unessecary. In BF2 we learned over the years to grab the feeling of WHAT will happen next. This is delicate and takes many many many matches to start get a finger top feeling for. Please be aware that we have done some 600+ coverages in BF2. for ETQW we have barely done 10. this takes time to master... As end words. i just wanted to popp in and say Hello to all .-) and we will put all our efforts into COD4 which F*cking ROCKS!!!! www.tgbf.tv/demo.php here is a BETA of our new shiny archive quality. /Love you all.
  11. Not suprised, unfortenly there way to many "not so serious" codec packs out there, and it's very easy to accidently install a pack that makes more damage than good. good to hear it solved the issue. CHeers
  12. You mentioned you installed a codek pack ? is this correct try uninstall the codec pack + un / re install WMP. Hopefully it helps.
  13. Due to some technical difficulties the last time they where supposed to play the BFT2007 Buisness Edition Group Stage match between Helse Nord and DICE, we have now decided to add an extra match between Hardware.no and DICE Thursday 22nd of March @ 21:00 CET. To get fired up for this match, I tracked down Espen, the Hardware.no Team Leader, for a little Q&A. Here goes: Hey Espen, can you start by introducing yourself to the readers/viewers? Oh this is funney, I really love talking about myself. Do you have 2-3 hours? Nah just kidding. Well im 32yrs old, live outside Oslo and work for Hardware Online, which is a network of websites giving readers in Norway the latest news and reviews about IT, mobilephones, digital cameras and games. In my spare time Im the chief for Battlefield.no and waste several hours on Battlefield 2. Your team Hardware.no will be meeting DICE on Thursday, have you made any special preparations for the match? Long runs out in the Norwegian woods, eating lots of Swedish meatballs and trying to figure out what Sweden really is. We snatched the winter olympics from them back in 1994, and we sure would like to send DICE home with a loss. How do you think the BFT2007 tournament is progressing? I think its going really good. I played last year as a mercenary for the NRK team, and when I started working for Hardware I found out that several people here play BF2, and Hardware eSport was born. I sincerly hope BFT will continue next year, or even better - get a tournament during the autumn period. Who do you predict to win this tournament? Hafslund are strong, but my 2 cents are Komplett. Komplett have played very well in our group. If im gonna predict a outsider it will be Ventelo. They are also looking good. Any last words, for the readers/viewers? The famous last words. Thats something I should save up if the unfortunate incident happens - as in me with my bottom up in the sky after a vicious knifeslaughter. I wish all the teams in BFT 2007 all the best in the last matches, and I hope that any team that met us in the tournament got the feel for pain. Thanks to Espen for his time, and good luck in the match on Thursday. To those of you who still haven?t figured out what BFT2007 Business Edition is, it?s a corporate online tournament, with top scandinavian corporations competing for great prizes. The game is Battlefield 2 and the format is 10vs10. More info on this tournament can be found here: http://www.besport.no/2007/news.php Don?t forget to tune in on Thursday @ 21:00 CET, and remember to open up MatchShark to watch play-by-play stats, scoreboard + much more. MatchShark application link is http://www.tgbf.tv/matchshark
  14. För er som missade matchen, här är en inspelining. NRK og TV2 Arkiv
  15. PS Kongkord min vaen, vi har skiftet NAMN, men det er OK. www.tgbf.tv http://www.tgbf.tv/?p=25 PS vi släpper inatt vår förste EU version på MATCHSHARK mer info fortlöpande på våres side. !!! misse ikke det bästa verktyget för BF2 någonsin . MEn jage fortfarande Swede
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