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    I know.. .men det er flust med cheaters, og når ikke de dreper deg så er det bugs bugs bugs Battlefield.no " Zero Cheaters - Not so long ago we had Battlefield and other games with close to zero cheaters. Remember Battlefield 2 with Battle-recorder? With this kind of community support and community servers, DICE really made a Battlefield Game that still make EA and DICE able to sell BFV the way they do. Bad Company and all the games that followed where basically on the recommendations and word of mouth of Battlefield 2. Imagine die hard fans of the game, with their own website and team to handle cheater accusations, studying Battle-recorder, banning players that openly and candid are cheaters. A community with servers that most of the time have no cheaters, because they pay for the servers and apparently want to make them popular. The discussion now is how much do a developer pay for anti-cheat compared to a dedicated community that roots out cheaters of their own, and with that make the game popular because the community servers are really really good. Log in at any time, meet friends on Teamspeak or Discord, play a decent game and feel good when you win - legit! "
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