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    Since many seemed to like the graphics guide I made for Battlefield 4, I decided to make one for Battlefield 1 as well. The guide is made with the goal of finding out which settings can be turned down to gain FPS without sacrificing too much graphics quality, and to point out which settings gives the player a benefit to seeing other players. The guide does like last time contain all the pictures showing the various graphical settings with its differences highlighted and pointed out - and in the end is a table showing how much FPS each setting will grant you compared to max settings, as well as a %. Finally there is the table of recommended settings, with a short description to why I recommend it. If you have a beefy graphics card you may prefer to keep some settings high while others low for the benefits of seeing other players easily - so scroll back and forth through the settings to spot which are right for you. Download guide here: Camaxide's BF1 Graphics Guide I recommend downloading the guide and watching it in fullscreen mode
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