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First Strike Community Games +stats system

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Nyhetsbulletin på fsmod.com i dag.

Welcome to the First Strike Community Games Report. Over the last few weeks as part of the run up to the release of version 1.2 we have been hosting a series of gaming events. On Friday evenings BF-NEWS.de have been hosting games for our European players, and the FSMod server has been hosting games for those of you States side on Saturdays. And I'm pleased to be able to tell you that they have been an overwhelming success.

With these servers running almost to capacity for the whole evening this gives us and you a great opportunity to see what this mod is really capable of. Promoting good teamwork and emulating the look and feel of the Star Wars Universes battles are key to what First Strike aims to achieve, not little skirmishes, but full blown intergalactic battles be that on land or in space.

Using Battlerecorder we have taken a number of shots from these epic battles that many of you took part in, and I think you can see for yourselves that the results are pretty spectacular. Here you will find battle scenes from all the current maps, Escape from Hoth, Tatooine Mos Espa, Encounter at Mos Entha, Endor Strike Team and Battle of Taloraan. But those found here are only the tip of the iceberg. Follow the link below to the Official First Strike Community Games Screenshot Gallery in the forums to find many more exciting shots from the Community Games.

Official First Strike Community Games Screenshot Gallery

In addition to this we also have more exciting news. The First Strike stats system is now fully operational. The FSMod server now records your stats whenever you play there, and by following this link you can see how you have fared so far in the rankings.


These stats are a preview of the system. All stats will be reset to 0 with the release of 1.2.

Kort sagt: For de som vil spille FS og erger seg over mangelen på spillere, holdes det hver fredag og lørdag "Community Games" med stort oppmøte fra spillere, testere og utviklere.

Bilder fra forrige omgang:



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