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Looking for a clan

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I'm tired of being a lone wolf and want to join a clan. I know many clans only recruit 18+ players and some of them 16+ players but I don't really see that as a good reason for not allowing me to join a clan. I'm 15 years old and I'll become 16 on the 10th July. Many people who I've talked to on chats say I'm not like most 15 year olds because they say I'm more mature in the way I write and behave towards people (sorry if this sounds like I'm bragging). Personally I believe I'm mature enough to join a clan, as I'm not a player who enjoys to post spam, insult people for no reason, trolling with the AA guns, screaming like a little kid and talk random sh*t in VOIP, and so on. I do sometimes rage a lot when I play Battlefield Bad Company 2, but this is something I can decide not to do if I use VOIP with my friends unless they can afford a new speaker or don't want to become deaf if they use a headset :p

Anyway, want some info about how I play?

Q: Are you a teamplayer?

A: I sure am. I mostly plays as Assault and give every teammate I see ammo (unless they're also playing as Assault and not in need for any ammo). When I use VOIP I like to play as a Medic to maximize teamplay by reviving and healing instead of racing to the MCOM/flag if I play as Assault.

Q: How do you play?

A: As a teamplayer I like following my squadmates and teammates around and make sure to keep them alive by helping them killing enemies and healing/resupplying them. I'm not a camper who grabs a sniper rifle and camps in the same spot the whole time because that's not really helping my team in any way. That's called being greedy and not caring about your team and trying to shoot as many enemies as possible without taking objectives. I don't know what more to say about the way I play, just join me in a round as see for yourself ;)

Q: What do you like most? Infantry or vehicles?

A: I like both, although I'm not a big fan of being a tank/heli whore anymore. I used to be that but then I decided to be more close to my team and help them instead of rushing towards the objective full of enemies and see how many I can kill before they kill me.

Q: Do you have a headset with a mic?

A: Yes, I got a 5.1 surround sound gaming headset with a mic. I know this was maybe a stupid question to add, but I added it anyway.

Q: What kind of clan are you looking for?

A: A clan who likes to have fun and who use VOIP a lot. Not looking for a noob clan :p

Best regards,


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Where are you from mate? :)

I'm from Netherland, but I moved to Norway with my parents when I was 5.

I fully understand Norwegian, Dutch and English. I prefer to write in English because that's the language I mostly use on the internet.

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