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BBC Dokumentar om Esport

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En meget god dokumentarserie som går for tiden på BBC Radio 4. Fra sidene til BBC:

They call themselves the 'cyber-sportsmen' - the young men at the cutting edge of a vibrant, new social scene driven by the £2 billion a year games industry.

In the first of two programmes, Kate Russell investigates the emergence of a pursuit that began in the nation's darkened bedrooms and is now being played out in exhibition centres, attracting several thousand players for a weekend of gaming.

Kate meets the man behind Dignitas - a multinational team of 88 players - who is attempting to turn young gamers into professional players on full-time salaries, and to establish his organisation as Britain's premier e-sports team. At the vanguard is David Treacy, known as Zaccubus in the gaming world, who has battled dyslexia and sought social acceptance through computer games. Kate speaks to him and his family about their concerns over his obsession.

With society often frowning on the activities of these players, what are their chances of becoming the role models of a new tech-savvy generation? And what intrinsic value can be put on a pursuit that entails hours spent in front of a computer screen every day?

Producer: Paul Peachey

A Loftus production for BBC Radio 4.

Anbefales! BBC Radio 4

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