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  • These are the official Battlefield.no server rules for Exile Chernarus.

    Considering we have many foreign players, this will be written in English.

    We reserve the right to kick, ban or kill your character on this server if you break one or more of the following rules written below.

    Although this is a PvP server, we encourage all players to role-play to get the best possible gaming experience in Exile. This is a military-controlled post-apocalyptic world after all, so try and create your own background story and have fun with it.

    General Rules

    • You are not allowed to cheat, hack or bug/glitch-abuse.
    • You are not allowed to use racism or offensive language in the chat.
    • Do not use your microphone in the side channel.
    • Use common sense and treat people the way you want them to treat you.
    • Only use Scandinavian and/or English in the side channel.

    Trading City & Base Rules

    • Do not use the trading zones are your personal parking spot, as people cannot shoot or steal them.
    • Do not steal or sell other players vehicles in the trading cities
    • You are not allowed to crash planes/helis into other players bases.
    • Smacktarding is not allowed(lifting cars out of trader, parking on top of players in a safezone etc).
    • You are not allowed to block the entrances of or build inside barracks, stores, hospitals, hangars, army tents, control towers, fire stations, railway stations, office buildings, factory buildings, and large warehouses/industry hangars . Barns, churches, normal houses, castles, garages, small warehouses etc. are fine. Wrongly placed object will be removed.
    • If you die the equipment is not yours anymore, no matter who is guarding it or how close you are to getting it back. If a server restart would to happen before you got your stuff back, that's just bad luck and you wont receive new gear from the admins. We will not hold back a scheduled restart so you can retrieve whats yours.

    Combat logging is not allowed!

    We have simple but efficient combat logging rules. If you combat log the punishment goes like this:

    1st attempt: 24 hour ban.

    2nd attempt: 48 hour ban + character deletion.

    3rd attempt: 72 hour ban + character deletion.

    4th attempt: 1 week ban + character deletion.

    NB: Note that the punishment may vary from case to case!

    If you are being camped by a sniper(s) then you are not exactly in combat, however if you have player(s) weaving through the terrain/buildings etc and who is trying to flank and kill you, logging off to avoid death in their immediate vicinity would indeed be to combat log.

    While we do give gear and equipment back due to some glitches and bugs, we probably wont give back anything if its lost to lag or desync. Its Arma we're talking about, and a mod for it after all - so be reasonable.

    If your computer shuts down, your game crashes or your internet fails, we will not give your gear if you were to die, same goes for your vehicles if something were to happen to it. However if it's the servers fault, you will get it back.

    For anything not covered, its down to the individual admin to decide based on the situation and what facts he/she has. Remember that we like to play too, so if there's a solution on your end, please use it and try and make it as easy for us to administrate the server as possible.

    We need to be able to prove that what you are saying is true, we can only go on what we see and the sooner you inform us of any problems or irregularities, the faster we can start looking for 'evidence' before it starts to disappear or deteriorate. Not everything is shown in the logs, so there will be some situations where we unfortunately can't help you.

    These rules are copied from our other Arma servers as they apply to each of the mods we host, with some modifications.

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