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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the world of grim realistic fiction. Conspiracy theories, anomalous mystics, life and death philosophy in the new sci-fi online shooter. Introduction Knowledge of the key Survarium components ensures successful survival and development. Learn the basics to efficiently start your path in the realm of Survarium. Game Modes Several game modes allow choosing the adventures to your liking. Team up versus another team, travel alone or change history together with a group of friends Camps and hideaways After the pandemic, survivors killed each other for food and shelter. There was no government in place, only some army leftovers, camps and factions. All were warring for territories and resources. Hero development Survive and raise your character. Find your role in the new world. Discover new ways to survive. Accomplish tasks of camps to get their goods and new types of weapons and equipment opened up to you. Missions and tasks Develop and discover the story of survival, fight with the mysterious foe of human civilization in daily missions from the survivor camps and shelters. http://survarium.com/en Hva tror dere? Det at det er noen av de som har laget STALKER som står bak høres bra ut. Konseptet virker også artig. Får bare vente på litt mer gameplay.
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