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  1. Er fra et engelsk forum, derfor er det engelsk. This is a quick easy fix that has worked for all but a small fraction of people that have tried it. This is for the error where you get kicked as soon as you start game and get an error stating you were kicked for a communication failure of PnkBstrA.exe. This does not fix the ban kick accusing you of using a cheat of some sort. Running the Punkbuster service thing and reinstalling Punkbuster is not enough to fix this issue, you may not even need to reinstall punkbuster at all. Below is a link to a video I came across that worked for me, I think there was only one guy on there that said It did not work. None of the other fixes worked for me until I did this one. You just need to make a little change in your firewall settings. It is easy, just follow the step by step in the video I will also post the steps here under the link if you do not want to go see the video yourself. 1. OPTIONAL a. Go to where ever you installed BF4 on your pc and find the folder called "battlefield 4" and open it up. b. open the folder called "_installer" c. open the folder called "Punkbuster" d. open the folder called "redist" e. here you will find "pbsvc" clicking on this will let you reinstall punkbuster. this may not be needed as punkbuster is most likely already installed and it is most likely the firewall issue that is causing your issue. so you may do this step or try skipping it for now and come back and do it if you do not find punkbuster A and B in your firewall. 2. MUST DO a. go to control panel and open your Windows Firewall. b. click on the ADVANCED settings option on the Firewall window. c. Click on the "INBOUND RULES" to open the inbound rules window d. on this page, scroll down until you find PnkbstrA and PnkbstrB NOTE>>> IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 OF EACH OF A AND B, DELETE ALL EXTRAS UNTIL YOU HAVE ONLY 1 OF EACH, e. double click on PnkbstrA to open its properties window f. in the properties window, click the "Programs and Services tab" g. in this area, you my see the box checked for "THIS PROGRAM", you must change this to the box for "All Programs That Meet The Specified Conditions" click OK then close that window out. Do the same thing for PnkbstrB. At this point your are done! close every thing out, go start up your game. You should no longer be kicked. If you do not use windows firewall and use some other program, I do not know what you need to do, but most likely something similar.
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