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  1. Hola! I just like to ask, that why i am banned and how long- from where i can check it? I played yesterday (3.9.2014) Hellfragger CSS Office 24/7...Some player shoot me in purpose, i shooted back- noone killed there, except enemies perhaps. Suddenly someone slapped me, during the gameplay. I were like " ?!? ". Admin called Eragon* said that he/she wroted me in private...I continued playing, because i didnt understood at first- what private and so on (first time after these + 8years someone wroted for me private in console). Eragon* asked during the gameplay, that why i am banned 4 times before. Never been banned long time, and played that game 51.9K rounds (checked that in my stats). And in your server (perhaps)15-30K. Eragon didnt warned me or anything...Just banned, i think that went wrong. I just want to play again in that server, bcs its the best server what CSS can offer nowadays. Thanks and sorry =). Phiit13
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