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  1. Well I usually die any way What about being able to just spectate, would that be possible?
  2. I've never heard anyone on the server ever complain about lag when I got on especially when they're only like 5 people on at a time
  3. Hello! I have been using the hellfragger CSS servers for a while to combine the purpose of playing one of my favorite games + learning norwegian in speech. You see, I'm an american studying the norwegian language and one of my biggest benefactors was using your servers to actually hear people speak. It was really nice and I was actually getting used to certain people that came in. Well, a little while ago, you guys changed the ping watch to like 150, and me being an american can no longer access these servers. My average ping here is about 180 when I come on and I'm wondering if there's any chance to have the ping limit set to a bit higher name, say 200? I don't know any other game that I play that hosts any norwegian servers and this used to be a big help for me in learning speech. Please take it into consideration! Thank you.
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