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  1. Som senator sier, Fjerna 2 barracks på neaf og ha 2 i zelenogorsk
  2. det var ikke i går!
  3. The safe will also contain some gold, Thanks to knut jesus!
  4. Rekomendera att du gjor de
  5. Tomorrow (Saturday 12th April) i will host a event on Norway 01. Time when event will start: 21:00 Location: Far north, Specifics coordinates will be posted ones the event started. Since i'm paying up with my personal money it wont be too big. But basically it gonna be a safe and a locked helicopter next to it, Code for the safe will be posted in-game ones the event is active, In the safe there will be a key for the helicopter, of course you can pack the safe as well and bring it with you ​Hopefully this will attract few more people to the server, but most important, having fun Also, Make sure to kill the guards! (which just for the fact, will have good gear)
  6. Bare til å ramse opp det du syns bør endres Lapua=1briefcase AS50=2 briefcase M107=2 briefcase DMR:7 10 oz
  7. I can imagine how much job they putted into that base Can't see why it wouldn't be allowed though
  8. personligen så tror jeg att servern kommer till å blir mer aktiv hvis alt blir fjernat.
  9. Hei SmokingFire! Ta kontakt med meg ingame så skal jeg personligen gjer deg en refund (suv), detta kommer bara og skjer 1 gång dock! //Jocke
  10. endeligen forstår dem att 01 is the place to be!!!!
  11. hvis du ikke få refund av admins, så gjer jeg deg personligen en briefcase
  12. Don't lose faith
  13. Jeg ha aldrig haft några problem och landa på tregulv!
  14. I will probably organize one more event in the weekend, But we'll see.... Perhaps a couple of briefcases will attract more players to participate
  15. shit went down torwards the end, thank you everyone who participated. enjoy
  16. I would love to get a bullet to my head headspin haha, by the looks of it, i actually might do =D
  17. Tomorrow (19th Mars Wednesday) i will host a "mini event" Time: 21:00 Location: Somewhere around NEAF basically i will be around north east airfield with a chainsaw in my backpack, I will be good geared and will do everything i can in order to deffend myself. So basically what you gonna do is to kill me and grab my loot Hopfully at least a few people will participate in this. This is NOT spawned in by some admin, I found everything by myself
  18. Komme innom på 01 igjen du nå, begyner og like deg Du ha meg gambler........
  19. SOLD!!! to my good friend gambler
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