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  2. Ville bare informere om at det er åpnet en 5v5 inf only cq ladder og en 8v8 conquest ladder i den nordiske seksjonen av ESL. Håper å se de fleste norske klaner der http://www.esl.eu/nordic/bfbc2/news/122039/
  3. NeXt-Century.Bc2 is currently searching for 1-3 active highskilled players. We wish to play Conquest 8v8, Possibly Squad rush 4v4 and Conquest inf only 5v5. First some information about the team. Back in 2008, our team was known as Euro|AiM eSport. Back then, we were playing BF2142. From the period late 2008- late 2009/ early 2010, we were the best BF2142 team in Europe. We started playing Bc2 as soon as it came out, and the whole squad joined NeXt-Century to play for their org. We mainly need new medics, but if you're a good assault and an awesome fragger, you are very welcome to try out. What do we look for in a player? Medic - Gamesence - Know how to play your class (Fragging is important, but reviving is just as, if not more important) - Don't run off on your own, follow instructions - COMMUNICATION Assault - Gamesense - A very good fragger (Can play by himself and defend flags on his own) - Communication We are looking for active players, RL is important, but most nights weekdays should be fine? If willing to join, add me on either xfire: andinho2142 Steam: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Selve klanen er europeisk, og det forventes at man kommuniserer på engelsk til de fleste tider, men nå har det i tillegg komt en nordisk seksjon for bc2, og da kunne det vært kult å fått en norsk talende 5-er, som kan ha mulighet til å dra på norske lan hvor bc2 spilles. Dersom intteresant - Følgene spillere fra Norge er Andinho, Mindre og HardRocx
  4. Hi! After the success with the Battlefield 2 Battle|Tour, we want to check if there`s any people that are interested in a Battlefield 2142 Battle|tour. You do not need to be in a clan to participate. All you have to do is: Gather a group of at least five players (we recommend that you have some extras as well), and send PM to Migic79 before 25. September. The rules will be as follows: • Flag by flag. • Infantry only. • No Commander • 1st level unlocks only. • No RDX, APM or EMP. • 5on5 • Game length and maps: The default length of a match is 4 x 20 minutes. This means that two maps will be played, each side once by both clans. • Scoring system: Matches are won with total tickets left, not map wins. Total tickets left on both maps are added up to determine the final score. The matches will be played on the newest version of clanmod. Servers with Punkbuster and Battlerecorder will be arranged. This is how the cup will be. Would you be interested in playing in Battle|Tour 2142? Please let us know. The more, the merrier. Ask me about link to migic79!
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