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  1. Low spread for LAC and AR is a must for me, so I can hit head from close distance. To aim for head, and hit like 1 of 5 shots from close distance, is depressing when you have worked really hard to be able to aim at head.
  2. Ok. Done! 0 bots at server.
  3. lexmyr: There is no hyperblaster on the server. About sniper: 1 (one) sniper *is* allowed in 4on4 in community-ruleset.com config.
  4. ET-Quakewars.se ETQWPro Infantry 4on4 Config IP: 16 slots Stopwatch (atm, no SW rotation by requests, so vote is available to change map) Server settings: 4on4 inf config, Community-ruleset.com ( http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums...ead.php?t=24315 ) Server tweaks: set net_serverSnapshotDelay "1" // default:"3" delay between snapshots in number of game frames set net_serverMaxClientRate "25000" // default:"16000" The change of net_serverSnapshotDelay and net_serverMaxClientRate is to make the game responses feel better. Play there if you want. :-) If you like the server, please spread the IP, and suggest to your friends/clanmates that you play there. If you dont like the server, please give feedback how make it better, so you want to play on it. Instructions if you have trouble joining: - Make a shortcut of your ETQW. Make the short cut like this: +set fs_game etqwpro +connect Example: C:\Games\ETQW\etqw.exe +set fs_game etqwpro +connect - Download the ETQWPro 0.4 here: http://etqwpro.net/misc/etqwpro040.zip (Unpack it into your installations folder) - Copy your autoexec.cfg from My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\base to: My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\etqwpro (if you dont have a etqwpro folder there, you can create it) Thanks. // JB
  5. I took down my INF server. It had some memory-leak or something, causing performance problems on the other gameservers on the same machine. But, I will take the INF server online again when full game is released.
  6. Hi! ' /> I run a Infantry server also. ET-Quakewars.se Infantry Infantry = Dont shoot with any vehicle. Runningspeed is changed to Wolf ET speed (= a little higher than ETQW). StopWatch mode. No upgrades. IP: If taken's server is full, you can try mine.
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