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  1. BF1 er moro det. Synd det "ikke går" å spille samlet lenger. Det å leie en server og nesten ikke ha noen kontroll over den blir for dumt. Savner en server med kjentfolk
  2. Så folk whiner fordi Sergey 'worse than Dean Hall' Titov er en venn av en av utviklerne? Så lenge han ikke er med å lage det så spiller det ingen rolle for min del.
  3. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition
  4. Kul episode.
  5. Fiksa
  6. Om du ikke har spilt Metro spilla så bør du kjøpe de asap.
  7. Lekkert spill men ikke min sjanger i det hele tatt, dessverre.
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/218620/PAYDAY_2/ Gratis i et par dager elns.
  9. Release om tre timer.
  10. 24 grader og full sol ute. Håper dere andre nerder også kommer dere ut i sola. Det ikke bare usunt å være inne i disse sommerdager, det er også trist
  11. Ubisoft er lik alle andre spillselskaper(CD Project Red, Rockstar og noen få andre ikke inkl. så klart). Blir garantert kjøp. Story coop(som jeg sikkert kommer til å spille alene) og map editor ftw Storytelling and Setting The game is set in Hope Country, Montana. Far Cry 5 takes place in modern times. The trailers and images for Far Cry 5 showcase a lot of green valleys and plains, as well as small towns. It's not clear how big these towns are. According to creative director Dan Hay, the game was inspired by both chaotic international political conditions as well as the 2016 occupation of the Masher National Wildlife Refuge, in which armed militants took residence in the Oregon-based National Park for 40 days. You play a junior deputy police officer. You can select your gender and skin color, though the character's name has not been revealed. The deputy is going after Joseph Seed, the leader of an armed cult in Hope County. Seed runs the cult with his family, including sister Faith and brother Jacob. The cult is called The Project at Eden’s Gate. The cult believes "The Collapse" is imminent and target people who have fallen on hard times looking for salvation. They are heavily armed. The reveal trailer showcases cultists rounding up civilians of the county, forcing some to be baptized. Ubisoft has revealed three ally characters who will be helping you out. Pastor Jerome, Mary May, and Nick Rye. All of them have their own motivations for helping you fight against Seed, like Jerome's desire to steer his flock back to Christianity. You can watch trailers for all three characters here. Gameplay Ubisoft says that the Far Cry 5 open world is "the biggest one yet." From the moment you start the game you can go anywhere you choose. You can fly planes, a first in the series. Some of these planes can be equipped with weapons like miniguns, and you can get into dogfights. Other vehicles include muscle cars, big rigs, and tractors. Melee weapons are up front and center. Gameplay footage we saw included the main character hurling pitchforks like spears and beating in skulls with sledgehammers. The game also has the largest selection of weaponry the series has seen yet. Far Cry Primal's animal companions make a return, with you able to call animals like bears and cougars to help you fight enemies. Or you can bring along a trusty canine companion. One sequence we saw had the main character commanding his dog to steal an AK-47 away from an enemy and bring it to the player. Co-op is returning, but this time players can play through the entire game with a friend. A resistance meter features heavily in the game, with the militia responding to your attacks. According to Ubisoft, "Far Cry 5's dynamic A.I. tracks the effect you’re having in the game, and alters the enemy's strategy against you." The choices you make during gameplay affect the opportunities presented to you. You can call allies into battle via the Guns For Hire recruitment system. Each Gun For Hire has special skills, and you can have three fighting by your side at once. The game has outdoorsman-oriented side activities like fly fishing and hunting.
  12. Håper bare at det ikke føles som et reskinna FC4(eller FC3 for den del). Håper FC5 blir som å gå fra FC2 til FC3 med tanke på gameplay osv. Men liker at storyen kan spilles coop og at det kommer en map editor sånn som det var i 2ern.