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    Patch Notes - July 9th New Content: Player Market: This is a new Darkfall Unholy Wars system which will change the way the game has been played so far and will make Darkfall Unholy Wars even more of a player-driven economy. New Utility Ship: The Sea Scraper (requires Shipbuilding 75): The Sea Scraper gathers treasure from the bottom of the ocean floor. Loot includes among many common and uncommon items also a chance for the following: - Every broken item in the game - Building modules - Ship modules - Ship cannons - Treasure maps - Lodestone Chances for rare loot increase considerably in the most Dangerous areas of Agon. New Warship: Sloop (Shipbuilding Mastery 1) - Added 3 new feats for capturing villages General Fixes: - Potential fix for map fog of war not working properly (black map bug). We believe this fix will take care of this issue, we need your feedback as this is difficult for us to test. - Fixed a bug where 'boss' mobs would not respawn if player despawned them by moving far away from the spawnpoint. - Reduced the chance spirit bond will “break” due to line of sight. - Fixed a bug where a player would appear "falling" if he died while in the air. - Fixed a bug where party modifiers would become inconsistent after toggling and inviting new members. - Fixed a bug where a party member could get stuck in a party when the leader got disconnected and unable to join another party or invite other people in his own party. - Fixed a bug where placing a used crafted weapon in your house safe would restore its durability and removing the crafter's name after server restart. - Fixed so that if “points of interest” map markers were turned on, in-game FPS would drop considerably. - Fix for a special effect leak that would eventually lead to a crash on some occasions. - Fixed a bug where when a character that was on someones friend list got deleted it would add a new random character in his place. - Fixed a bug where Vulnerable Villages where being reset on Server Restart. - Fixed a bug that didn’t clear combo points when using a mount’s alternative attacks. - Fixed a bug where when splitting a stack pressing backspace or delete was not fully clearing the input box. - Added sound to the House Recall action. Player Housing Changes: - From now whenever a player wants to transfer his/her house to another player the process goes through the trade system. - The target player has to accept the trade request and place all the items which he/she wants to exchange for the specific house. - The trade stops automatically if the player loses ownership of the house. - You can not trade a house while you are owe taxes on it. - On mouseover, on the house deed in the trading window, you can see the location of the house and the upgrades installed. - You can also see the location of your house on the map from now on by activating the personal markers. General Changes: - Captured village income messages no longer appear on screen. - Danger zone map display can be toggled from the “Danger Regions” filter on the map. Tweaks on rare material/treasure map drop rates according to area’s danger level: Essences and Maps now follow these multipliers on their probabilities Protected - Mult 0.0 Danger Area: I - Mult 0.1 Danger Area: II - Mult 0.3 Danger Area: III - Mult 1.0 Danger Area: IV - Mult 1.45 Danger Area: V - Mult 3.5 So, rare Essences and Treasure maps are completely removed from Protected Areas. The uncommon materials (e.g. Mandrake, Sulfur etc) probabilities keep using their old multipliers per danger area. Protected Mult 1.0 Danger Area: I - Mult 1.1 Danger Area: II - Mult 1.2 Danger Area: III - Mult 1.3 Danger Area: IV - Mult 1.4 Danger Area: V - Mult 1.5 Village Changes: - You can read more about the Village Changes in this developer insight post. - Prowess Points while Capturing a Village Control Point are now divided in the party Capture Village will now yield 10 times more prowess. - Village reward "ticks" are now once per 10 minutes (Instead of 5) - Raiding village prowess per "tick" have been doubled. - Village raiders will reach a 100% chance of stealing after 3 “ticks”. (1st tick =50%, 2nd tick =75%, 3d tick= 100% chance). - Prowess from capturing a Village are divided among party memebers. - Once captured, a village will remain invulnerable for 20 hours. - Once vulnerable, a village will time-out (and return to “free”) after 10 hours. - Gold rewards increased to 8 gold, per built house, per tick. (increase of 100%) - Raised village reward quantities of Arrows x10, Dust x5 and Beads x5. - Added chance for Building Module rewards in all Villages. - Sub-continent villages have been “specialized” - Specialized Sub-continent Villages get 4 times the probability on the kind of resource and twice the chance on rarity of the resource. Village Specializations: Leather (Niflheim, North-West): Bjonlmir - Selentine Snowfort - Veilron Kydolnyr - Neithal Eyrkla's Shadow - Leenspar Baslan's Escape - Theyril Wood (Yssam, North-East): Owayhan - Selentine Huelhucan - Veilron Ehetil - Neithal Quica - Leenspar Water Gem - Theyril Ingots (Cairn, South-East): Eltaria - Selentine Gunseran - Veilron Three Pirates - Neithal Rhodenar - Leenspar Hundvin - Theyril Cloth (Rubaiyat, South-West): Fahnark - Selentine Erraniyat - Veilron Alhali - Neithal Saragh - Leenspar Phynakh - Theyril World Changes: - Fixes to the Player Villages in the following Areas: - Bjonlmir - Baslan's Escape Har aldri hatt det bedre i Darkfall etter siste patch!
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    Tja, de Fifa 98-spillene der går for rundt 1.5 millioner dollar. I den tilstanden din er i kan du kanskje få 2 mill også. GZ
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    Jo en ting har jeg , blir det ett gjennomført bra admin program ? Da mener jeg ikke at andre som lager det , men ett program som man har stålkontroll over hva som skjer på server og kan komme å spece i første person eller se på opptak. Husk at fra dag 1 når spillet blir lansert så bør man ha adminstaben klar og ha mulighet til å styre servern på ett enkelt hvis. Husker hvor mye om og men det var med bf3 og så lite muligheter fra første dag. Ting dør fort når man ikke har kontroll over ting..
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    Med all den kritikken som finnes i denne tråden om Battlefield 3, så kan jeg utenkelig forestille meg at ikke noen har noe dem vil spørre skaperne av Battlefield 4 om. Men slik er det, det er langt viktigere og bedre å kritisere spillet i 4chan og Mordor, enn å gjøre sin egen stemme hørt Feigiser !
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    ser ut som du logga inn fint nå enjoy! 13.07.2013 00:02:40 Checking Daocan with GUID 10de7180cc53fb8db589bf35f7e0b4ff 13.07.2013 00:02:40 GUID match!
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    Ååå neeeei, du har sol om morningen og 26 grader uuuteee!! Cry me a river! Prøv deg noen år i Bergen og se hvor mye du klager da på solen.. Bergensere kan være småheslige, fair enough. Men de klager ikke når det er sol ute, da er det fullt kjør!!
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