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ny sandbox mod?

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Hvorfor ikke bruke google!

BTW: Camobox 2 er også et alternativ som jeg vet kommer snart ut.

SandBox 0.5d

0.5d Changelog:

* An object count limit is now imposed on each map - when the limit is reached, a timer will end the round instead of the server crashing and burning.

* Deleted objects are now deleted completely from the map, freeing up memory.

* Added an @info command to get basic info about the limits on the current server.

* When auto-lock is enabled and a group is duplicated/loaded, the objects in the group will be locked.

* Object deletions are now done using a queue instead of all at once, eliminating lag when several objects need to be deleted.

* Failure to load a group (i.e. server down, file not found) no longer imposes the 3-minute loading delay.

* Saving a group imposes a 10-second delay instead of 60 seconds.

* Added a @delall command that allows you to delete all of your own objects.

* Added a @delallo objectname command that allows admins to delete all objects of a certain type.

* If 100 or more objects are deleted while the end timer is running and a user votes to extend it, the timer will be cancelled.

* Added @info username/userid/me function to check user's number of objects/groups.

* Added @owner command to determine the object name and owner of the currently grabbed object.

* Fixed @clear command so it restarts and reloads the current map.

* Added @delalln userid admin command to clear all a user's objects by his ID number.

* The scoreboard now shows number of objects, number of groups, and wait time to next load for each player.

* Servers are locked to one round per map so that server memory is fully cleared after each round.

Bruk ModJive, ganske bra program som holder bf2 Mods oppdater.

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Camobox er lagt på is. tror jeg.

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