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Forgotten Honor Campaign #7 "Edge of Twilight"

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We are proud to present the new campaign in the Forgotten Hope Tournament: Edge of Twilight! This time we will take our players up into the vast battlefields of the nordic fronts. From the fjords and mountains of Norway over to the smoking fields and forests of Finland.

Our battles will take you deep into the conflicts of a blazing WorldWarII theater that hasn't seen this kind of action in a Battlefield1942 tournament.

Edge of Twilight is a european-based Forgotten Hope campaign, kicking off with the Norwegian Resistance that will run a series of battles until christmas, after that we move the entire scenery over to the finnish conflicts, for which we currently are developing a totally new theatre for Forgotten Hope.

As a player in Edge of Twilight you register at our site and then choose which side you want to fight for

Part I: Norway

2nd Norwegian Division



3. Gebirgsjäger Division


Part II: Finland

7th Army



5. Jalkaväki Divisioona "Ilves"


The Norwegian campaign is scheduled to feature six customized scenarios set in Norway 1940, while the Finnish front (the bulk of the campaign) will introduce ten all-new battles between the finnish troops and the invading russians, plus as usual a very surprising bonus battle which also will be developed by our team specifically for this campaign.


The registration for Edge of Twilight has now opened and we welcome everyone to participate in this great Battlefield experience.

We have also developed a mini-Mod that in combination with Forgotten Hope and Norwegian Resistance delivers an amazing gameplay.

Edge of Twilight will offer you:

-32 vs 32 battles every Friday night.

-Totally customized maps that we run in a chronological order

-An original chain of command system with Generals in the Headquarters and private soldiers on the front line.

-Historical maps for each battle.

-Team play on the highest possible level!

-A very nice graphical layout which includes customized skins for soldiers and vehicles, strategical minimaps and historical army insignias.

-A powerful 64-player server with friendly ping to USA and Europe.

-A very active community with people from all over the world


Of course our tournament is free and you can choose which army you want to fight for:

Regardless of which army you choose to fight for, you are about to embark on one of the greatest campaigns ever seen in the Battlefield1942 community.

The War in Norway and Finland has been largely neglected in the tournament aspect of WW2 online games and our developers have worked hard to prepare this epic campaign which will give you a unique experience in a new and exciting environment. Everything is historically accurate with pinpoint precision.

The equipment used in the battles progress as the campaign goes on, so the farther you go the more explosive and deadly the combat will become! As the months go by you will be drawn deeper and deeper into the campaign and with our clever scoring system, ultimately one army will be victorious.

Forgotten Honor has established a very good relationship with other Mods for Battlefield1942, we especially would like to extend our thanks to the Norwegian Resistance Mod from which we have had the pleasure of incorporating features from in this campaign.

We are co-working with that Mod to both run the norwegian part of our campaign, and also co-develop future updates to that mod, so Edge of Twilight will strengthen the Forgotten Hope Community literary on two fronts!

Welcome to the best Forgotten Hope Tournament, join an army and prepare to defend your honor!


Notes from our developers::

Forgotten Honor has expanded into a world-wide gaming commuity, this has resulted in the opening of two new tournaments; one in America and one in Oceania. The three tournaments are separated and it is even possible to participate in more than one campaign at once. For more info on which tournament to join, please visit our site.

Forgotten Honor has also produced an Expansion mod to Forgotten Hope, called simply FHTMOD. This mod is the result of three years of hard-core development, and can be downloaded and played in public, it is not being used within our current tournament campaigns. This mod is scheduled for release in later october or early november 2007.

(See separate advertisment)


Så kom igen och spela med oss nu, spela för Norge!

Kan också nämna att vi kommer att gå över till FH2 när det släpps men ändå fortsätta med FH1 :dry:

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