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Min reise sammen med Sapphire X800XL

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Jepp, som noen har fått med seg har jeg dag fått mitt Sapphire X800XL, og installerte det.

Førsteinntrykk: Vifta går som et helvete konstant, og bråker så mye at det er uakseptabelt. Etter en veldig kort stund trår VPU recover inn. etter et par-tre slike boots må pcen slås av.

min rigg for øyeblikket (har ikke satt inn lydkort, dvd, harddisk og diskettstasjon):

barebone SN95G5v2

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 GHz Socket 939, 512KB cache, BOXED

Kingston PC3200 HyperX DDR 1024MB KIT 2x512 Non-ECC Ultra Low Latency (2-2-2-5-1)

Sapphire Radeon X800XL 256MB GDDR3 AGP8X, DVI-I, ViVo, Full-Retail

Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 60GB IDE ATA/100 harddisk 2MB cache 7200RPM

Windows XP PRO SP2

Catalyst 05.1

Ting jeg skal gjøre i morgen:

1. Teste grafikkortet i den gamle pcen min. (Den har stor PSU, og myyyyyyyye kjøling. Virker ikke kortet der er det mer sannsynlig at det er ødelagt.)

Hvis kortet virker i den gamle pcen fortsetter jeg med:

2. Prøv å finn utilities for å totalt slette alt som heter grafikkdrivere fra pcen. Inklusive dette kortet har jeg hatt tre forskjellige grafikkort inne i pcen på denne driverinstallasjonen: ATI 9200 SE, ATI 9700 PRO, ATI X800XL.



2.) System Purging

You are probably reading this because during the so-called "Simple" installation procedure, you've gotten some not-so-simple errors impeding the setup.

You might also be using this section to troubleshoot. A complete system purging might be just what the doctor ordered to solve some generic game errors or system crashing. Before you make a new topic, make sure you follow this process and conduct the clean install.

This section isn't anything revolutionary; it simply combines all known cleaning methods into one complete system purging process. Short of "Format C:," this is as complete as an uninstall gets.

What you need:

* The ATI Uninstaller was written by ATI itself as an official response to the uninstall much-a-muck plaguing many users. Place this tool in some location other than the ATI root (C:\ATI), because if you're going to follow the below steps, then this tool, along with ALL other ATI files, is going to be deleted.

* You also need Spike's wonderful tool, DriverCleaner. This program is updated all the time to obliterate any trace of the ATI (and nVidia) drivers. Please read the instructions in the list below on how to use the tool, so you don't mess up anything. Get the latest version of DriverCleaner over at 'DH,'

* RegCleaner scans your Windows registry for installed programs (for the purposes of this post, you will be looking for ATI entries). It is freeware, not the "RegSupreme" shareware. Get RegCleaner at MajorGeeks.

* The SMARTGART Uninstaller. Removes the ATI SMARTGART service, a component of the driver (don't worry, you don't need to know what it is).

Uninstallation procedure:

In addition to removing the driver from the control panel, and in addition to using the ATI Uninstaller, we're also going to use tools DriverCleaner, RegCleaner, and the SMARTGART Uninstaller.

But, we're not quite ready to begin. Before you can start following any of the steps, you have to disable any anti-virus program running in the background. They can interfere with our uninstallation routine. This doesn't just mean disabling the AV from within the program. You must also stop the services and startup services it creates.

For a Norton-based virus scanner (which is what I run), click Start -> Run -> MSCONFIG and uncheck "ccApp" and "ccRegVfy." Next, click Start -> Run -> Services.msc. Normally, you'd only need to find and disable 'AntiVirus Auto-Protect.' If you have Norton Internet Security, however, you'll also need to disable 'Norton Internet Security Accounts Manager,' the 'Script Blocking Service,' 'Symantec Proxy Service,' 'Symantec Password Validation Service,' and 'Symantec Event Manager.' Reboot when finished doing all of that.

Since I'm only familiar with Norton, I'm not sure how to disable other AV programs. If possible, uninstall them, at least temporarily; unless of course you are 100% certain you know how disable it completely so it won't interfere with our driver uninstallation.

Before we begin to uninstall, disconnect your computer from your internet or network! If you are connected to the internet, Windows, always impertinently thinking that it knows best, may try and install whatever Radeon driver is on Windows Update. We don't want to let it do this. So, either a) turn off your modem, or :boxed: take out your phone jack (if you're on dial-up).

Just one more bit of preliminary info, I promise: FOLLOW THE BELOW STEPS IN ORDER! I personally have tested this method in this order. PLEASE follow the steps in chronological order to avoid any potential problems!

1. Head over to the Windows Control Panel, and then to Add/Remove Programs. Remove any ATI entries. Opt not to reboot.

2. Run the SMARTGART Uninstall Utility. Do not reboot.

3. Open up RegCleaner. Scan the "Software" tab for "ATI Drivers," or any variation thereof; also, look for "Desktop" where the Author is 'ATI Technologies,' in addition to finding "Cbt," "Cds," and "Installed Drivers." There may be more; sort the list by author and check anything such that ATI is the author. If you do not find anything, that's OK: it just means the standard Windows uninstaller got them for you (not likely, but possible). If you do find any ATI entries, begin the cleaning. Delete any backups when finished (trust me on this one).

4. Install DriverCleaner, but do NOT run it yet! For now, just install it.

5. Run the ATI Uninstall Utility, as mentioned in the Quick 'n Easy setup. Reboot now.

6. When your BIOS screen appears, get into the advanced Windows boot screen by repeatedly tapping F8. A prompt will come up; even though the 'Safe Mode' option comes in several different flavors, for now, just select the standard "Safe Mode." When you get into this stripped-down troubleshooting version of Windows, open up DriverCleaner.

7. Click on the drop down menu and select "ATI." Press the 'Clean' button, and then patiently wait until it's finished. Do the same for "ATI Hydravision," "ATI MMC," "ATI WDM," and "ATI Uninstall Utility." Even if you don't have an All-In-Wonder product, and thus shouldn't have to use any cleaning file other than "ATI," occasionally, some of the others will be loaded onto your machine. When finished, don't close DriverCleaner; we're not done yet.

8. Still in DriverCleaner, select "Tools," and then "Cab Cleaner." Select clean. This will take a LONG time--well, at least longer than we're used to. It usually takes a good 10 minutes or so. What "Cab Cleaner" does is best described in Spike's Readme (I've taken the liberty of correcting a few typos ;-)


I found out that whenever I installed drivers, or removed ones, Windows would restore certain files from the driver cache folder, or any other cab files from service packs. This caused windows overwriting new files with old files. To prevent this, I wrote this program. With a special routine, it will clean any ATI and nVidia files out of those cab files. The files in those cab files are old, so it isn't bad to delete them.

It can take some time depending on your system, and because the cab cleaning sometimes spans for more than 1 file. It is better to use [this cleaning procedure], because windows can't overwrite your new files with old ones. Also, you only need to run it ones and than when you installed a new service pack you need to run it again.

9. Open up the Windows search function (Start -> Search). Customize the options so that your search includes hidden and system files. Search for: ati*.* The asterisks are wildcard characters that specify that Windows should search all files with ATI in the name, regardless of file extension. It should find a bunch of files and DLL's in the C:\I386 and Reinstall Backup folders. Of course, sometimes it won't, but anything it finds, delete. BE ADVISED THAT THE SEARCH WILL FIND SOME ATI FILES IN THE C:\Program Files\Driver Cleaner DIRECTORY! DO NOT delete those; those are critical to the driver cleaner program and are not apart of the ATI driver.

And there you have it -- your system is now as completely free of ATI files as you can possibly get without formatting your hard drive. Reboot once more into Windows. Now you are prepared to install any ATI driver!

As mentioned in the Quick installation guide, when you reboot back into Windows, a "Found New Hardware" wizard will pop up. Cancel out of it, however many times it opens itself. Windows will complain of a "failure" installing the hardware; ignore it.

Note 1: After all of that, if you still get a "Please use the Standard VGA Driver" when attempting to install a driver, then please see the troubleshooting section.

Note 2: You may have to reinstall your monitor's driver after finishing.

Note 3: After you complete the above steps, and after you install an ATI driver, you might get an error at boot saying something to the effect of "Could not load atmxxxx.cnt" where the 'xxxx' varies. Don't worry, it's just an ATI help file that for some reason is borked in certain drivers. Open up the Display Control Panel then go to Options. UNcheck "Reactivate all warning messages" and the message won't appear next boot or ever again.

3. Installere kortet på nytt med nyeste driver og tools.

4. Prøve å tweake bios til fail safe innstillinger.

5. Formattere pcen.

En ting som sikkert bør sies: Det finnes hauger og lass med folk som kjører barebone SN95G5v2 + Sapphire Radeon X800XL, så det er ingenting som tilsier at dette ikke skal kunne funke for meg også.

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Joda, klarte seff ikke å gå og legge meg.

Fjernet alle drivere, og la inn på nytt. Pcen later til å være helt stabil. Men kortet bråker jo dobbelt så mye som mitt gamle 9700 pro, som var så bråkete at det var uutholdelig å ha i stua.

pcen min nå bråker bortimot så mye som en proliant server. :/

CPU Info 
CPU 1/1 
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+ 
Manufacturer   AMD     
Family   AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+     
Architecture   64-bit     
Internal Clock   2.2 GHz      
Internal Clock Maximum   3.0 GHz      
External Clock   200.0 MHz      
Socket Designation   Socket 939     
Upgrade   ZIF Socket     
HyperThreadingTechnology   N/A     
Capabilities   MMX, CMov, RDTSC, 3DNow!, Extended 3DNow!, SSE, SSE2, PAE, NX     
Version   AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+     
Level 1    128 KB      
Level 2    512 KB      

DirectX Info 
Version   9.0c     
Long Version     


Version   5.03.2600.2180     
Primary Device   RADEON X800 Series     

Display Device 1/1 
RADEON X800 Series        Driver 

Description   RADEON X800 Series     
Manufacturer   ATI Technologies Inc.     
Total Local Video Memory   256 MB      
Total Local Texture Memory   256 MB      
Total AGP Memory   64 MB      
Driver File   ati2dvag.dll     
Driver Version     
Driver Details   8.111-050222a-021278C-ATI     
Driver Date   2-22-2005     
Driver WHQL Certified   true     
Max Texture Width   2048 px     
Max Texture Height   2048 px     
Max User Clipping Planes   6      
Max Active Hardware Lights   8      
Max Texture Blending Stages   8      
Fixed Function Textures In Single Pass   8      
Vertex Shader Version   2.0     
Pixel Shader Version   2.0     
Max Vertex Blend Matrices   37      
Max Texture Coordinates   8      
VGA Memory Clock   492.8 MHz      
VGA Core Clock   398.3 MHz      
Name   RADEON X800 Series     
Vendor ID   0x1002     
Device ID   0x554d     
SubSystem ID   0x03021002     
Revision ID   0x0000     

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slå av vpu recover. Selv bruker jeg omega drivere. Kjør drivercleaner før du innstallerer nye drivere. Du finner programmet på De har omega drivere også. Bamsefar har noen gode tips når det gjelder ATI men jeg husker ikke alle nå.

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Hmm, ser at jeg må fortsette med vannkjøling hvis jeg skal holde ut en eventuell oppgradering av PC.

Personlig så fikset jeg ikke støyen av viften som satt på mitt gamle Geforce4 kort så jeg kan ikke tenke meg at de "løv-blåserne" som sitter på dagens kort er noe mer stille.

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Nå har jeg blitt fortalt at X800-serien skal være rimelig stillegående fordi viftehastigheten skrur seg ned og opp etter temperaturen. På min pc er det full dur fra første til siste stund.

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Sapphire :boxed: Min lille erfaring med Sapphire (den gang 9800 pro) er at de lager bråkete vifter og kort som må returneres til Komplett før de virker :blush:

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er du sikker på at temperaturmålingen er riktige ? Hvis den er for høy vil vel vifta gå på max. Kan du stille vifta manuellt ?

Hva med å sette den ned slik at den ikke spiller og så teste maskina under spilling ?

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I dette tilfellet kan det virke som om det var driverrot som sto bak problemene med å kjøre kortet. Prøvde både 3DMark og Red Orchestra i går. (Grafikk: :blush::blush::boxed::w00t: ) Setter på en skikkelig testing når jeg kommer hjem i dag.

Men dette med bråkete kort skremmer meg en del ja.

Kan du stille vifta manuellt ?

Jeg håper det.

Ellers ender jeg opp sånn som dette snart:

For ATI X800

Støysvak skjermkortkjøler med meget god ytelse. Viften suger inn kjøleluften fra innsiden av kabinettet og blåser den ut i bakkant slik at oppvarmet luft ikke resirkuleres inne i kabinettet.

Tekniske data:

* Spenning: 12V

* Turtall: 2000 o/min

* Støy: dB(A)

* Tilkobling:

* Dimensjoner: 217x35x97mm (BxDxH)

* Vekt: 324 gram


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Hva har du gjort med skjermkortet?.

Jeg solgte mitt kort (6800gt) til Roar fordi det så helt for jævlig ut i en shuttlemaskin med en slik gigantkjøler p

Jeg har nå i den ene shuttelen som er lik din (samme shuttle, etc, bare mer minne og bedre kort) x800xt pe, powercolor, hører ikke et kvekk :boxed:

Hører ikke et pip ifra kortet

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Jeg har ikke gjort noe som helst enda da, dyslektoFinn. :boxed:

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Jeg har en sånn en på mitt 6800 kort, og den er jo ikke ulik den du kanskje vil slenge på ditt, Ghad(affi). Synes den er.. litt småstøyende kanskje. Ble bedre når jeg la inn ExperTool og fikk satt hastigheten ned til 50% ved idle (finnes noe slik software til ATI?). Men jeg hører den enda om jeg går inn for det ja :boxed:

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Pcen min bråket som en støvsuger før med 9700pro, og var mye verre i går, så det er 'litt' irritende ja.

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tror ikke det funker som dekoder uten videre, men man kan jo seff koble det til en dekoder.

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