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The Man In The High Castle

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Ny serie fra Amazon. De drar en Netflix og har sluppet hele serien. Består av 10 episoder på ca. 1 time hver. Er basert på en bok av Philip K. Dick (Mange filmer fra hans verk, f.eks. Blade Runner og Minority Report). Har et heller interessant premiss:

The story is an alternate history of the world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The United States has been partitioned into three parts: The Japanese puppet state of the Pacific States of America, which comprises the former United States west of the Rocky Mountains; a Nazi puppet state that comprises the eastern half of the former United States; and a neutral zone that acts as a buffer between the two areas, called the Rocky Mountain States.

Er en noen endringer fra boka (ikke overraskende), men anbefales som bare f! :)

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