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SQUAD - Fra skaperne av Project Reality

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Spennende greier. Om de klarer å få det til skikkelig er det ikke umulig at de får mange spillere fra Arma som syns Arma blir litt for hardcore(noe det egentlig ikke er).

Blanding mellom Battlefield og Insurgency med litt RO2?

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Problemet med Arma tror jeg at det er alt for mange muligheter. Folk blir for spredt bland wasteland, dayz osv.... Samme som da Battlefield fikk 1000+ gamemodes og at communitys som dette ikke fikk serverfiles.

Dette er spennende. Håper U4 og serverside hitdetection/reg fungerer.

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Vi i NorBusters ser virkelig frem til dette. Arma blir for mye styr. Det er nok hazzle med Battlefield 2. Håper dette vil skape mer liv i gruppa :) Det er utrolig gøy å spille i lag.

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Om folket her på bruket ble betatt av StarCitizen, og ble backere med å donere penger, så bør det vel komme en pen sum til Squad også fra bf.no-brukere :)

Det er vel FørstePersonsSkytespill som er grunnlaget for bf.no?

Monthly recap: http://www.joinsquad...le?articleId=14


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Early-Alpha gameplay, postet på Reddit:

Kort oppsummert:

The podcast on Squad took over 3 hours, I took the highlights and most important things out of the stream to make sure you don't miss the important stuff and not have to watch the whole thing. if you want you can still watch it up here:

This is a big read but it summarizes the big points but also confirms a lot of old Project Reality concepts which a lot of old players ofcourse already know. However I still included them since the majority will be new players that need explanation on what we (old-time PR players) already think is normal.

I did the highlights in chronical order (I watched it again), the Q&A is at the end with a lot of questions and good answers!

On playercount and gamesize: *50v50 teamplay is aimed for at this moment.

Maps and possibilities: * We are starting with desert and see how the engine allows us to develop the maps, the engine does Desert really well and we're going to some big cities, enter all the buildings and do whatever you want. That is what on our wish list some killer cities. At this moment Sky is the limit * For alpha that's prerelease, we want to have at least 2 maps, one desert/afghan and one forest looking map potentially in Eastern-Europe, both maps will be on different scale

On construction, buildings fobs and destruction: *Irontaxi: Engine is completely capable but will take a long time, will get developed when we're working on cities but at first it will be focused on small things like destroying FOBS/Breaching doors etc. *Penetration of buildings and doors is short term goal rather than destruction

Types and Factions

  • At this point we have insurgents and US military
  • Naturally when new environments will be made new factions will follow that as well
  • Not committing to any faction’s right now, but thinking of what is interesting and compelling
  • We're not nerfing a faction so they can be shot more
  • Our insurgents are going to be nasty when they are fully geared

Squad size and kits

  • 9 squadmembers per squad
  • Light Anti-Tank/UGL (Grenade Launchers) / Medics/ Heavy AT /Machine Gunner/ Specialist/Breacher / the usual what we know from PR.
  • You get everything from the beginning, no leveling like in PR
  • There is a natural ''asshole-filter'' you're nothing achieving on your own and that will result in a kick from the squad leader
  • Kit limitation on what to have in the squads, no team of machine gunners which makes sense

Objectives and Goals in rounds * At this stage we're mimicking on AAS (Assault and Secure) * Multiple ideas on other modes for example: secondary objectives which aren't obliged to do

On deployables and bases * FOBS (Forward out to change, let the players be able to affect the spawn locations and dynamics. And let the gamers influence the flow of the map * Heavy machine guns/Mortar pits/Tripl*e A cannons to be deployable * Insurgents can block roads with Barriers/Razor wire * Main base spawns / Rally Spawns / FOB Spawns

On RPG's * Types of RPG's, FRAG/High Explosive/Tandem Charge-RPG*

Financing Squad * Roadmap is Founder/Kickstarter * after that early access steam * Getting really close of better/good gameplay * Soon or Immediately after Kickstarter/founder you will be able to join alpha * Realistically we are looking at 2 or 3 million dollars in total to realize a full game over 2 years

Sound and Soundmods * Same developer for soundmods and sounds in PR, Andersen from the PR-DEV team will do the sounds in Squad as well* (As a PR players I can confirm these sounds are gorgeous) * Same quality in same engine

They did a Q&A after this which were a lot of quick questions

  • Maps from Project Reality that will return?
    • Fools road is a candidate, we really looked at it

Medic and reviving system * We like the simplicity of PR (Epipen into wounded body and would result in a revive), but we are seriously considering things like casualty dragging, being able to move your casualty

  • Different squads with different roles, such as supply squads to deliver supplies to be able to make firebases or construct deployable

  • Robust design for administration already in the works, Battle recorder (able to look back battles and look back certain situations to help in game) already mentioned

  • Clans and Communities that are already known will be in really fast to help out and ask them what they need and what they want, get their clans testing internally

  • Communication will go on 3 ways, intra-squad, squad lead to squad lead channels and squad lead to commander, and local to talk to your squadmembers next to you within 50 meters.

  • No DLC and no paying for anything extra's is planned

  • Free look is something we look into

  • There will be NO deviation (like in Project Reality). Sway will be connected to the stamina and aiming and wether you are in a supported position or not.

And then the best: Dancing animations confirmed.

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Alt av kjøretøy vil komme har de sagt på forumet deres. Fra transport til tanks, tilogmed heli. Fly var dem usikker på inntil videre :)

Er mange på forumet der som er samstemte om denne oppfatningen, se spoiler:


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Det er ingen planer om early access. Tilgang til spillet gis til en utvalgt gruppe offentlige profiler slik som youtubere og bloggere.

Tilgang gis også til journalister.


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Likte det som ble vist av gameplay siste 2 dager. Spesielt at man kan bygge små roadblocks og små baser der man kan plassere rallypoint.


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Og om man ikke liker SQUAD, kan man jo ta en titt på Ground Branch.


Cmbelite-FR @squad forums:

Hi guys

I'm surprised that a thread about GB hasn't been done yet



Here is a good video that showcase GB: some interesting innovations


I did a 12 min video that is currently uploading, will post it when available

This game should be in steam greenlight in about 2 mouths and if all goes well in steam EA in about 3 mouths. For now there is a tech preview build ( free ) so that you can test it and see how it performs FPS wise.


With the operator edition you will have access to interval build through steam( a steam key will be provided within 24-48 hours). Bear in mind that a multi hasn't not been implemented yet, I guess it will be implemented before steam EA and only the operator edition owner could have access.

I think SQUAD and Ground Branch are 2 games that compliment each other very well :

Combined warfare , conventional army,... Vs specs ops , customizations and both on UE4 smile.png


"Its hope in hanging snore" for FPS-spill enda noen år...

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Early access neste måned.


Squad, the Kickstarted 50v50 tactical team shooter from the creators of Battlefield 2's Project Reality mod, is coming to Steam Early Access on December 15.

The Early Access release will contain two new maps, a big dusty 16km x 16km one "based on a real world location in Afghanistan", and a smaller close-combat map for the "rehabilitation" of "gamers who are unaccustomed to proper tactical squad based CQB gaming".

There will be four game modes and four factions, including two new ones: Russia Ground Forces and irregular Militia. Game modes include Advance and Secure, which combines objective capture with base building and supply; Conquest, which pits irregular forces against conventional military outfits; Insurgency, which tasks mechanised units with the discovery and destruction of insurgent weapon caches; and Territory Control, which has you capturing space "one square meter at a time".

Squad Early Access will cost $39.99 at launch, but if you're already sold you can get the game $9.99 cheaper on the Squad pre-purchase page. There's certainly a gap for a serious military multiplayer for those that have bounced off Arma, and it's made in Unreal Engine 4, which you may or may not be able to tell from the screenshots below

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Har fulgt utviklingen av dette spillet ganske tett helt fra begynnelsen av, da jeg spiller Project Reality (som denne er en slags uoffisiell oppfølger til) til daglig. Selv om det ser ganske uferdig ut, og mye arbeid gjenstår, så har de jobbet med imponerende tempo det siste året, mtp. ressursene de har. De har en lang, lang vei å gå før de kan sammenligne seg med PR. Men siden de bygger dette spillet fra bunnen av, har de også flust av alternativer og friheter som ikke var mulig med BF2-moden, og det blir spennende å se hvilke nye og forbedrede elementer de bygger inn fra PR.

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