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Pbbans i trøbbel?

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fozzer, on 19 Jul 2014 - 11:22 AM, said:

Just to keep everyone in the loop.

We have enough donations to keep us afloat for 3 months.

Every month that the donations fall short of the $475 target, that 3 month figure becomes shorter.

If we are unlucky enough to suffer any kind of hardware failure, the 3 month figure will be reduced drastically.

Like I posted earlier, I do not want any of our streaming admins to be able to say that they "had no idea" of how desperate the lack of donations issue is.

To all those that donate on a regular monthly basis .... thanks a lot, we really do appreciate your commitment :)

With over 15,000 team accounts and over 2,000 streaming servers you would think that we would have no problem in achieving our donations target each month but believe me we do :(

The biggest threat by far, to the very existence of PBBans is the complacency of the admins that use PBBans services.

Yet another month goes by and yet again a failure to hit the $475 donation target with our worse month to date.

It's getting to the stage now that I will be calling a staff meeting, on the agenda we will be looking at closing the site and putting everything in mothballs until we have enough funds to keep us afloat for at least 6 months.

February 2014 $370

March 2014 $369

April 2014 $351

May 2014 $398

June 2014 $381

July 2014 $336

August 2014 $266

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