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Bans TK/TD?

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I just like to ask, that why i am banned and how long- from where i can check it?

I played yesterday (3.9.2014) Hellfragger CSS Office 24/7...Some player shoot me in purpose, i shooted back- noone killed there, except enemies perhaps.

Suddenly someone slapped me, during the gameplay. I were like " ?!? ". Admin called Eragon* said that he/she wroted me in private...I continued playing, because i didnt understood at first- what private and so on (first time after these + 8years someone wroted for me private in console).

Eragon* asked during the gameplay, that why i am banned 4 times before. Never been banned long time, and played that game 51.9K rounds (checked that in my stats). And in your server (perhaps)15-30K.

Eragon didnt warned me or anything...Just banned, i think that went wrong.

I just want to play again in that server, bcs its the best server what CSS can offer nowadays.

Thanks and sorry =).


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Hello Phiit13

First of all: When an admin write to you privately, it will show as green message in the chat,.

And you have played alot on our servers and you know that teamattack is not allowed.

You were banned for Ignoring admins and now the ban has expired. You are welcome to came and play on office again.

Next time someone TA you, DONT revenge attack. Or you will get banned again.



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