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GAME.GGWP.TV arrangerer daglige turneringer - En for metal leagues og

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We are running daily Starcraft 2 tournaments (16 player) at http://game.ggwp.tv.'>http://game.ggwp.tv. The system is in beta stage, but so far it is looking really good!

Anyone can join - If you want to partcipate, have some fun and great practice join us every day at:

Norway - 19:00:00 - CEST


Single elimination. BO1, BO3 finals.

Approx. duration: 2 hours

Signup and tournament info: http://game.ggwp.tv



We only cast the tournament now and then. Depending if we have time. We encourage any community casters to take part

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All work and no play makes for awesome fucking tournament software! :p

http://game.ggwp.tv now supports leagues. Which is in essence the easiest way you will ever manage running recurring events. Update your league and you update all your tournaments!

The next on my list is making custom rankings. I want to make custom seeding methods for leagues based on previous results and for those who haven't played before they will be seeded by battle.net ladder.

Join us for our practice tournament today at 19:00 CEST! We have a tournament for Bronze->Platinum and one for Diamond->Grandmaster

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This evening we are ready to betatest our bracket system. We like many of the bracket systems out there, but trying to integrate game.ggwp.tv with them was just a hassle. Players were often confused when reporting results - a consequence of them having to use two different systems with different logins. So this evening we launch our bracket betatest and hopefully it will go swimmingly!

If you ask me - a system is only good enough when anyone is capable of intuitively understanding and using it. I want to thank the many players who support us and encourage us! It's really motivating <3

Join us for our Daily SC2 Tournament!


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