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Company of Heroes 2 annonsert!

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For de som ikke har fått det meg seg enda så er oppfølgeren til tidenes høyest 'scoring' RTS spill, Company of Heroes fra 2006, endelig annonsert :)




Sannsynlig release i løpet av 2013 etter hva jeg forstår. Good news for CoH fans, og generelt alle som liker gode strategispill :)

I mellomtiden, noen andre her som fortsatt spiller dette vidunderet av et spill?

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jammen på tide at det kom, siden jeg fortsatt spiller fortsatt CoH

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Spiller det daglig selv :)

Håp for CoH 2 er bedre støtte for multiplayer, endring av sniper (pga 2.602 metagame), anti-cheat og ellers samme oppskrift som funka i 1'ern med cover etc.

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Hender jeg får et kick og tar et par games :) CoH er et av tidenes beste rts og det ser fremdeles Nydelig ut! Følge med på shoutcasts er også til tider veldig god underholding da det finnes noen episke kamper der ute.

Gamereplays.org hoster blant annet en turnering kalt, Sunday Fight Nights hvor eliten barker sammen for å kjempe om å være best. Ganske bra opplegg med flinke shoutcastere!

Når jeg først så annonseringen av Company 2 så ble jeg helt "WAOW OMG YEAH SHIIIIT!" Så tenkte jeg på hvem er det som utvikler CoH2?

For er det tardsa som mekka de to siste expansion packsa, Opposing Fronts og Tales of Valor så tror jeg serien er ille ute... Samme hvis de prøver seg på noe av det de pakka inn i CoH:Online der man kunne kjøpe ting for å bli "bedre"

Håper virkelig at de går til "the core" av vCoH og fokuserer på det som var bra og bare gjør det enda bedre!

Anyway! Jeg er uansett spent og gleder meg!

østfronten kan bli heftig også :)

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APF er tidenes beste caster, uten tvil! :D

For de av dere som er interesert, så ligger det mange casts ut her: http://www.twitch.tv/gamereplayscoh

Forøvrig skrev queen duffy (sjefsutvikler i Relic) følgende for noen dager siden:

"Coupla Points;

- For those of you wondering, there are a large number of original COH team members on COH2. I was on the original from day one, and I'm in year 14 at Relic.

- This is a true sequel - with all that entails."

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Det er en så god deal at å ikke kjøpe er ikke annet enn skam!

Folk fra CoH? Da håper jeg inderlig ikke de fra expansion packsa... Lord, gimmick folk til tusen :( Vet at mange av de originale vCoH folka stakk pågrunn av press fra THQ som hindret dem å bygge spillet videre i retningen det fortjente

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I går ble det satt ny rekord for antall folk online i CoH! Veldig imponerende, 5,5 år etter release :)


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Merker ventinga kan bli lang! Håper THQ holder seg borte fra release pushinga og lar Relic jobbe skikkelig!

Noen fakta hentet fra annet forum

- 110 people work on COH2

- Again the right use of the dynamic game environment is important, not the amount of troops

- Campaign takes place from 22. June 1941 until Berlin 1945

- Producer Greg Wilson says that Essence 3.0 is on eye level (right translation? ) with Call of Duty or Battlefield

- HDR Light, SSAO, new water renderer

- BUT they also promise better performance for all PC Systems than in vCOH and Addons

- True sight examples: Use Smoke Grenades to sneak through areas without uncovering your best troops. Or blow a gap in a wall to see what is behind it.

- The weather is extremly realistic. Snow gathers on static objects and gets blown away by explosions

-Snow is not a texture but has deep, so infanterists move very slowly in deep snow (with nice animations). Its easier on the street but the enemy knows that too...

- Flame throwers can destroy a house completly. It will slowly burn down until it can't be used anymore

- Soldiers now can jump over their cover

- The AI in the campaign is now not scripted anymore, they use the same AI as in skirmish mode, which makes it much more interesting

- Retreat means death in the campaign (but don't know if scripted or not)

- The recoil when the T-34 shoots even affects the environmental physics. --> ground shakes and lets the cup of coffee of General Annoying fall on his new uniform


- They want the coop mode to be really big, because a high amount of players prefered to play with other players against the AI

- German troops stand out with their advanced technology compared with the russians, upgrades and tactical use of special abilities are more important for the Wehrmacht than for the Soviets

- The Russians rely on mass but class and like to use brute force. They got many powerful tanks.

- The developers don't want to tell us yet if tanks can break through ice but they said: "Dont underestimate General snow and General mud!"

- You are able to steal the enemies vehicles

- Base building will stay in game (there was a discussion in another Thread)

At man kan stjele kjøretøy stiller jeg meg skeptisk til. Men vi får se..

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Micro only som i starcraft micro only?

Her er det vel mer strategi og taktikk som spiller inn enn micro med tanke på flanking, supression og cover. Men viktig det også seff!

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Da er trailern ute!

Ingen gameplay men fremdeles en nice trailer, nesten litt mer teaser..

2 nye screens også



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Nå har THQ salg på steam. Så har du ikke Company of Heroes 1 så anbefaler jeg på det sterkeste at du kjøper det NUH!


2 euro liksom!

Så litt news på CoH2. En bruker fra gamereplays var på en expo i England hvor de fikk prøve ut en tidlig versjon av spillet. Quoter litt av faktaene han kom med

  • T34's have the ability to 'Ram' enemy tanks. This will become available when the tank loses its main gun- it gains the ability to charge an enemy vehicle and upon crashing into it, potentially cause a critical.
  • Criticals on vehicles have been expanded. It wasn't always clear what the affects were, but criticals included: Destroyed Main Gun, Damaged Engine, Destroyed Engine, Damaged Driver, Crew Stunned, Vision Blocked and Buttoned.
  • Grenades are a big part of CoH2. Almost all regular infantry units have access to some form of grenade, ranging from molotovs to potato mashers, to bundle grenades and AT nades.
  • The ability to button tanks is returning with the Soviet Guards. They have a weapons package comprised of 2 light MG42 type units which allows you to button enemy vehicles. In the Moscow level (which is now old) it worked quite similarly to British button- however Quinn assured me it's been changed to be less powerful in the newest version.
  • Units come from off map rather than out of 'factory' style buildings. The Russian buildings are much like trenches in the ground and unless they get totally reskinned, I'm not forseeing units being produces and walking out of actual buildings.
  • However, there are provisions being put in to make sure you can't just plant a tank on a spawn point to block unit spawns.
  • Outline of current (or from our version) Soviet tech tree: T0: Engies, Conscripts; T2: Snipers and a recon vehicle unit we weren't able to build; T3: Mortar, Haltracks and M70 Light Tank. The Light Tank reminded me of the Tetrach. T4: T34 and T(something) heavy tank (was able to take a P4 easily).
  • Outline of current (or from our version) German tech tree (only from what I could see was 'buildable' according to the base building descriptions: T0: Pioneers and 'battle phase' escalation; other units: mortar, grenadiers, panzer grenadiers, Armored Car type unit, Panzer IV's, Sturmpanzers, Bruumbar
  • The 'Oohrah!' ability for Conscripts was only available once the T1 building was constructed. It allowed the squad to sprint (not fire up, sprint) which increases suppression resistance but does not allow them to break suppression. It also increases their accuracy.
  • Snipers are a two man team who cannot actively cloak while moving and do not suffer from the cold. Snipers cannot be used as an A-move kill unit.
  • Units move slower in thick snow. This also applies to retreat paths.
  • There will be no fire up abilities in CoH2.
  • Tanks slide on ice. You can powerslide tanks.
  • Democharges can be placed anywhere.
  • Buildings that you light on fire will stay burning for a period even after you stop attacking it.
  • All weapons are droppable (not things like rifles but all major weapons). This includes flamethrowers, and yes, you can get double flamer engineers. However, the drop rate is lower.

A number of you asked about multiplayer features. I don't know a whole lot about it honestly, but here are the salient facts from what I am allowed to tell you.

  • Steam will allow them to potentially patch faster and more regularly.
  • They want the beta to allow for advanced balance and design tweaking.
  • Anti cheat will be covered.
  • They are aware of the demand for observer mode and rewinding on replays.
  • They are aware of the potential advantages of moddability and custom maps.
  • CoH2 will not be pay to win. However: the business model of micro transactions is necessary for THQ/Relic because it allows them to keep patching and supporting the game. With a business model where you buy the game once and never pay for anything again, each patch takes a chunk out of initial profits; not to mention server hosting, anti cheat and so on. Eventually you cannot afford to continue support for the game.

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Da har det kommet en trailer. Looking good det lille vi får se men venter fremdeles på en skikkelig gameplay video. Det deles jo i disse dager ut Beta keys på show som Sunday Fight Nights fra gamereplays

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Ser ut som THQ måtte selge litt lisens for å få penger i kassa. Ser jo helt grei ut. Er jo litt sucker for ww2 jeg da.. :p

Developer diary!

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