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Georg Hotz - Historien om hacker'n som tok Sony PSN og iPhone

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Interessant lesning for de som vil vite hvem han var, hvorfor han gjorde det og hva konsekvensene ble for geohot(online nick) :)

I historien kommer det frem at Sony Computer Entertaiment inviterte Georg Hotz til møter i Califorinia for å diskutere system sikkerhet, 4 måneder etter at de saksøkte han. Artikkelen forteller også om Anonymous og hvordan de stengte hele PSN og SOE med hacks, som en reaksjon på stemningen av Georg. Unge Hotz var også (diskutabelt) den først som knakk iPhone, han jobbet også for Google og Facebook fordi han var flink i koding, men klarte ikke å holde jobbene enn noen måneder.

The cursor blinked, indicating that Hotz had the power to do anything with the PS3: install OtherOS, play pirated games, or run obscure Japanese software. He prepared a Web page and a video documenting what he had done. But he hesitated. Although Apple had never sued anyone for jailbreaking, Sony had reacted fiercely to previous modifications of the PlayStation. Sony had also long boasted about the security of the PS3. Hotz wasn’t just undoing years of corporate P.R.; he was potentially opening the door to piracy.
On April 4th, Anonymous announced the plan to the public in a press release: “Congratulations, Sony. You have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous. You saw a hornets nest, and stuck your penises in it. You must face the consequences of your actions, Anonymous style.” Within hours, both Sony.com and PlayStation.com were down. Anonymous posted a video on YouTube with its demands: Drop the case against Hotz and allow for modifications on the PS3. Over an image of a Guy Fawkes mask, which the group uses as a symbol, text read, “Leave Fellow hackers like geohot alone.”
At 4:51 A.M. on April 28th, Hotz uploaded a lengthy rant against the PSN hackers. “Running homebrew and exploring security on your devices is cool,” he wrote. “Hacking into someone elses server and stealing databases of user info is not cool. You make the hacking community look bad, even if it is aimed at douches like Sony.” Hotz was pointing out the distinction between white- and black-hat hackers. Still, he knew he had helped loosen a boulder that was now crashing down a hill.
On May 1st, the company discovered a data breach on the Sony Online Entertainment service, exposing twenty-four million personal accounts. Technicians also found a file that had been planted on one of their servers as a kind of digital graffiti. It was titled “Anonymous,” and read, “We Are Legion.”

Les hele historien om starten med vitenskapsprosjekt på skolen og demontering av fjernkontroller, til hacking av iPhone og samtaler med Steve Wozniak, og frem til i Sony. Hele artikklen i

The Newyorker

Sammenfatning av videoer


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