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ArmA 3(&2) Ruller ut godsakene for de som liker å spille på PC

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| Release date : 12th September 2013|

ArmA 3 will be STEAM exclusive

BETA 25 June




OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1

PROCESSOR: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz / AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz

GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3830 / Intel HD Graphics 4000


DirectX® 10


HARD DRIVE: 15 GB free space

HARD DRIVE (ALPHA): 10 GB free space

AUDIO: DirectX® compatible on-board

OTHER: Internet connection and free Steam account to activate


OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1

PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-2300 / AMD Phenom II X4 940

GRAPHICS: Nvidia GeForce GTS 560 / AMD Radeon HD 7750


DirectX® 11


HARD DRIVE: 25 GB free space

HARD DRIVE (ALPHA): 20 GB free space

AUDIO: DirectX® compatible soundcard

OTHER: Internet connection and free Steam account to activate

NOTE Pettka has confirmed that PhysX in Arma3 works fine on systems with ATI/AMD cards. PhysX will be handled by your CPU(processor) and not your GPU (video card)

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Smookieviewpost-right.png

I am running the game with i5 2500k, GTX580 SOC and 16GB Ram and its running smoothly with stable 35+ fps (high to very high quality with AA and morewink.png) with little to medium headcount which at this point of game development is satisfactory i think.

Machine Used in Trailer Videos:

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Damu viewpost-right.png

i7-2600, GTX 560, 8GB, SSD

Machine Used at E3:

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by RoyaltyinExile viewpost-right.png

These are the specs for the system NVIDIA kindly provided us with. Madcatz provided us with the peripherals, including the mouse (R.A.T. 3), which was cool, too.

Disclaimer: I have no affliliation with any of the hardware providers mentioned below, I'm not any particular authority on such topics, am I not being paid thousands of dollars to promote them (although.. if they're reading... tongue.png), nor would I guarantee the game will run the same way at launch as it did on the videos. Because, of course, it'll run even better, right?!

Anecdotally, we were nicely impressed with how the game felt running; although, there was no time to do any proper analyasis of performance, and inside the presentation display cabinets it would get quite hot, which led to some instability.

Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 970 @ 3.20GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.2GHz

Memory: 12288MB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 11

Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

Monitor Model: V3D245

Disk Model: C300-CTF DDAC256MAG SCSI Disk Device

In terms of our setup, we forgot to copy our config before the PCs were canabalized, so we're sorry about that. Generally I'd say:

Viewdistance: around 3km; varied a little between pcs

objDraw: around 2.5-2.7 km; varied a little between pcs

shadow draw: around 300m; varied.

quality settings: everything at least on high; textures very high, i think terrain quality, too.

Need to head to the airport now; hopefully that gives you guys an idea where we're at/ material to start flamewars about hardware vendors smile.png




Screenshots & artwork:


Teaser trailer


Gamestar E3 2011 video


GameTrailers E3 part 1

GameTrailers E3 part 2

GameTrailers E3 part 3

Fan made video : Arma 3 E3 breakdown



ArmA 3 WIP water simulation:


BIS GamesCom playlist:









Stratis Teaser Trailer - March 2012


Stratis full trailer - March 19 2012


Press covrage:

Game features :

Game engine:

  • Physical simulation & improved animations:
    The game will make use of PhysX 3 for player, vehcile and other interactions
  • Volumetric clouds
  • The net code is being optimized.
  • 4 times more detailed ground textures
  • Improved Data-Streaming
  • Improved micro AI and path finding
  • Improved water simulation (visually as well as physically)
  • Blending from animations to rag doll
  • Higher particle limit
  • New lighting tech/HDR ( JC twitter feed)
  • JAVA
  • Render to Texture
  • Improved lighting tech
  • Stereo sounds for weapons and vehicles estimated to use around 50 samples for their engine and exhaust, and 20 samples for the wheels on differing terrain.
  • New system of hearing weapon reports at different ranges, with distance attenuation and filtering

Artistic direction:

  • The game will feature more powerfull sounds, similar to popular sound mods.
  • The sources for much of the audio are also more authentic. Ambient sounds such as the sea, insects, winds, footsteps, etc have been recorded on Lemnos.
  • Heat haze effect for fires and engines
  • Smoke will be dynamic

Game play:

  • Customizable Soldier Load:
    Choose your uniform (2), assemble your weapon kit, change your load out, get loaded up.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay:
    Challenge both cooperative & competitive scenarios with full support of dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux.
  • Completely Extensible & Moddable:
    Design & create countless customizable scenarios using the intuitive & easy-to-use mission editor.
  • Underwater operations now supported (2)
  • HALO
  • All the buildings on Lemnos are enterable and can be destroyed. .
  • Weapon modification on the fly is now possible.
  • Action menus will be improved
  • Helicopter sounds will be on par with the ones in TOH.
  • The Mk8 SDV will have a periscope.
  • The player will be able to attach explosive charges to enemy boat hulls and other vehicles.[/b]
  • The player will be able to remotely operate mortars .
  • Helmet mounted cameras
  • Objects like tactical vests will have weight and different carrying capacities as well as different protection values.
  • Headgear will offer different levels of projectile protection.
  • PvP will be improved.
  • The game will feature an improved wounding system (no specifics for as of yet)
  • Improved MP interface
  • Improved command interface
  • The player will be able to wear civilian clothes biggrin.png
  • Hands now move with the steering wheel.
  • Different muzzle flash samples
  • Grenade launcher zeroing works like in real life.
  • There will be a drop down menu in the editor where you can customize your soliders gear such as camo,headgear,eyewear, balistic vest and backpack.
  • Fast-roping will be sported by the engine
  • Shock waves will be simulated.
  • Different camo-types ( urban etc)
  • Your load out will affect your mobility- enhanced fatigue system. The more you carry the faster you will become fatigues and this will affect your aim.
  • Improved UAV's
  • Improved artillery system- set the angle etc manually
  • Vehicles can now be towed.
  • Micro UAV's that can be deployed on a squad level.
  • Some weapons platforms can be operated remotely and some can function on their own.
  • All the stationary armament can be dismantled and transported by troops or vehicles.
  • The MP chat system will be improved.
  • Working mirrors and MFD's
  • Underwater combat is now possible
  • Movement and aiming has been improved
  • firing stances such as shooting while prone on the back
  • The ToH flight model will be the default flight model for all the helicopters and will be used in the SP campaign as well.
  • Weapon stations can now be used both in full screen (ArmA 2 style) and PiP mode.
  • Ability to switch between optical scopes and mounted collimator/combat sights a.k.a dual mode optics
  • Mission briefing module in the editor
  • Blood loss will be simulated, including blood trails

Sort of confirmed/developer wishes:

IFF transponders

Shooting out of vehicles.

Integrated mod support.

British special forces and eastern naval infantry.

Underground structures

Deferred shading



Clocking-in at 270 km2, Altis truly is the star of Arma 3. From expansive cities to rolling hills, from wind farms to solar farms, whether steamrolling your tank across the southern plains, or waging asymmetric warfare from the northern hills, the Altis landscape lends itself to some of the most detailed locales and varied engagements.


With rugged terrain, expansive forests and a man-made airbase, Stratis offers a wealth of opportunities with which to wage war. Take to the skies in an attack helicopter, or fight on foot across this 20 km2, near-future battlefield. The choice is yours.


Tensions rise as NATO and Iranian forces stand-off in the Aegean: the strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. But when a key radar facility drops off the grid, a Greek flashpoint risks escalating into global conflict.

Caught up in a situation beyond their control, a botched withdrawal traps men of the US 7th Infantry Division and a clandestine group of UKSF operators in a fight for survival. With only a crippled local resistance to turn to, they must rapidly adapt to overcome an unforgiving environment and defeat a brutal enemy.

Background story:

Blighted by the long tail of a deep-rooted economic crisis and sliding toward the threshold of war, beleaguered NATO member-states stand weakened against an ambitious, resurgent Iran.

Flooded with profits from the rich export markets of a resource-thirsty SE-Asia and the rising price of oil, bolstered by strong ties with China and strategic entente with Russia, Iran sought to expand its influence.

Deployed under the auspices of a swift humanitarian response, Turkey – decimated by a series of devastating and unprecedented natural disasters – fell within months to ruthless Iranian Armed Forces. Iran’s aggressive expansion – spilling over into Greek sovereign territory – was brought to a halt in Rhodope Prefecture with the ratification of the Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034, which crystallised a new strategic front along the shorelines of the Aegean Sea.

With the US locked into its own proxy-wars against aggressive Chinese expansionism in the Pacific, with each year more member-states leaving NATO on the promise of Russian oil, the fragmented alliance faces the growing risk of a global conflict that they can ill-afford.

Check the official ArmAverse timeline for more info.


Captain Scott Miller

Character bio:

CTRG // Security Team A Commanding Officer / SHAPE

British national, born June 22nd 1992 in Killingworth, Northern England. Married (Kate née Greggs, 39), 1 child (Susan, 7). Enlisted into the Royal Marines in 2010, underwent Commando training following tour of duty in Afghanistan. Completed his studies and the Officer’s course in 2016. In 2021, joined Special Boat Service, becoming one of its troop commanders.

Took part in covert NATO joint operations in the Pacific Theater, Middle East and Turkey. After recovering from a severe injury, he was transferred from active service until drafted to the newly formed Combat Technology Research Group – a small NATO task force established to gather the intelligence on the opposing forces’ advanced weapons technologies – in 2032. Cpt Miller commands CTRG security team A.

Col Martin Novak, MSc. PhD.

Character bio:

CTRG Field Team Specialist

Canadian national with Eastern European roots, Dr Novak is a physicist with particular expertise in reverse-engineering, although his original specialty is particle physics. Born April 2nd 1995 in Vancouver, divorced. Dr Novak studied at MIT with a military sponsorship, later took part in military arms research. Following the outbreak of hostilities, he went through extensive language training and became a member of a military scientific board which later lead to the establishment of CTRG. During 2032-2033, he went through extended military training, SERE course and several Special Forces survival and clandestine ops courses to become a full member of the CTRG field team.

Sgt Evan Illing

Character bio:

Deep Reconnaissance Team “Ice-8″ Commander

American, single, born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 15th 2001. Pursued a military career his whole life, he climbed the professional ladder due to his indisputable qualities, capable leadership and daring execution of missions behind enemy lines. He became a member of the 10th Special Forces Group in 2025, just to be deployed in the deadliest hotspots in the defense of Europe: Iraq, Caucasus, Turkey. After the European defenses broke, he and the rest of SOCOM elements were transferred to Great Britain, where Sgt Illing was assigned another duty. He became leader of a deep reconnaissance team, one of many under the European branch of SOCOM. In 2034, he was captured by Iranian troops during a mission on Crete, but was liberated by a joint NATO task force operating in the area.

Sgt Illing commands the last surviving team of operation Ice Shard, the EJSOC’s attempt to gather information about the Iranian weapons test range on Limnos. His team, codenamed “Ice-8″, is still stationed on Limnos as the critical asset of operation Magnitude.

Cpl. Ben Kerry

Character bio:

TF Aegis // RSTA Squadron / 1st Btn / 4th IBCT (Light Infantry) / 7th ID / US Army Europe

Born in 2015 in Portland, OR. Drafted into the army at the age of 18, undergoing Airborne Infantry training at Fort Lewis, WA. Sent to Europe in 2034.

Earned exceptional infantry training records, promoted to Corporal and transferred to 1st Battalion’s organic Reconnaissance Platoon as Specialist. The Aegean deployment is his first combat assignment.

Sgt. Rick Hutchison

Character bio:

TF Bayonet // A Troop / Cavalry Sqn / 3rd BCT (Heavy) / 7th ID / US Army Europe

Born in 2008, comes from Broken Arrow suburb of Tulsa. Started service at 18, went through Army courses and education programmes. Joined 3rd BCT(H) / 7th ID cavalry in 2030 as tank gunner.

Took part in 2031 conflict in Turkey; field-promoted, combat injury, later served as armor gunnery instructor for 7th ID in Grafenwöhr. Requested transfer to a combat unit. His unit was assigned to the TF Bayonet reserves under Mediterranean JFC.

Ltn. Jeff Larkin

Character bio:

TF Bayonet // 3rd General Support Btn (Aviation) / 4th IBCT (Light Infantry) / 7th ID / US Army Europe

Born in 2014 in Seattle, WA; brought up around helicopters in a successful family business. A wealth of first-hand experience with a keen understanding of what it takes to operate and maintain complicated and expensive machines.

Naturally gifted with technical work and flying helicopters, university drop-out, passed through the ROTC pilot courses with ease. Trained to fly the M-900 and CH-49. Drafted to a transport wing and transferred to Europe after failing to qualify for gunship training. Assigned to fly transport copters for the 3rd BCT.


Character bio:

Intelligence agent, CIA

One of the principal HUMINT sources for operation Magnitude, long-term resident in the Mediterranean. It’s assumed the source is genuine, however, its nature is a high-level secret.


Character bio:

Military Commander of the Limnos Resistance

Most probably former officer or NCO of the Hellenic Armed Forces who took part in delaying the Iranian assault on Limnos in 2033.

Reports suggest that this figure, related to the resistance high command, was appointed to be the military leader of the guerrillas on the island by a figure known as “Maroula”.

Nikos Panagopoulos

Character bio:

Limnos Resistance Asset in Myrina

Local Greek from Platy, former manager of Kourou Import Export Ltd. Age ~28-32. Runs weapons, bribes Iranian soldiers with synthetic narcotics; involved various questionable businesses to protect his network, supply the resistance, and secure his personal standing. Behaviour, appearance and taste of a petty criminal.

Rumours circulate that he may be closely related to “Maroula”, thought to be a significant figure in the resistance.

Athene Kourou (“Maroula”)

Character bio:

Former Owner of Kourou Import Export Ltd; identified as “Maroula”

Georgios Akhanteros ["Tyrant"]

Character bio:

Former Mayor of Limnos

Greek national, age 60-65, marital status and children unknown. Former mayor of Limnos, now collaborating with Iranian occupation. Previously mayor of Myrina for several terms; ran local businesses and owned several hotels and other tourism-oriented companies.

According to the available resources, runs smuggling and confident networks. Tolerated by Iranians; provides information against resistance weapons traffickers.

Col. Vahid Namdar

Character bio:

Military commander of Limnos

Colonel Namdar, a career officer of the Iranian Armed Forces in his forties, is Supreme Military Commander of the Limnos task force. During his youth, he took part in The Lions Movement, joined the army and became an airborne officer; he led one of the Nationalist commandos in the Esfahan Coup d’état in 2024. His military record encompasses the Iranian campaign in Europe. In the First Battle of Brno, his airborne regiment assisted in the breakthrough in the NATO defenses. In 2030, he became a staff officer on an unidentified post in the European Theater Command in Izmir. His transfer to Limnos suggests an ongoing important military operation or facility development. According to several sources, Colonel Namdar lately became a subordinate of General Ostad Javeed Attar, one of the chief officers of the Iranian military research and arms production.

Note: General Ostad (title for academics, adopted by NI) Javeed Attar – research director, P8H8 during opposition, Red Pegasus

Gen. Ostad Javeed Attar

Character bio:

CEO of Red Pegasus Engineering




Faction info:

The troops serving under NATO’s Mediterranean Joint Force Command are deployed across the North and South Aegean municipal regions of Greece. Bases across the archipelago – a strategic borderline between NATO and Iranian influence – are in a state of alert, following a period of heightened tension since The Jerusalem Peace Accord of 2034.

The serving contingent is a composition of elements of the reactivated US 7th Infantry Division (7th US Army Europe), primarily tasked with the security and maintenance of Air Station Mike-26 – a critical part of NATO’s radar shield – and providing air support in the Aegean Sea region


Iranian Armed Forces (2)

Faction info:

The presence of Iranian Armed Forces in the Aegean is estimated to consist of a battalion-sized combined fighting force with conventional capabilities. This deployment is concentrated around a newly constructed military base, adjacent to a former NATO/Greek air force base (ICAO: LGLM). The majority of this force is designated to base perimeter protection and a counter-insurgency campaign, fending off the threat posed by an active local resistance movement.

The equipment and order of battle of the Iranian troops is reportedly compliant with the common Resource Zone Protection Force structure, including enhanced defensive, ELINT and SIGINT capabilities. Due to the proximity of the Turkish coast, the force is estimated to be fairly well supplied.


Greek resistance

Faction info:

With rumored joint CIA and SIS support, an armed local resistance was formed on Limnos in the weeks and months following the Iranian annexation of the island. Composed of former Hellenic Armed Forces and aided by smugglers and weapon merchants, the resistance is an active, hostile, guerrilla faction acting against Iranian forces.

Little is known about their current strength or capabilities. Presumably, the resistance relies upon only light equipment, augmented by captured or stolen assets of the Iranian army, obtained from hidden military depots or via a black market network. Cooperation with local resistance seems viable, yet a cautious approach is required.


Faction info:

Located at the crossroads of eastern and western sociopolitical dogma, 2035 Greek society struggles to remain a part of Europe. The financial crisis contributed to the rapid downfall of centralized governance, with smaller regional units and local areas becoming more close-knit; yet, standing apart from each other, economically and militarily weakened.

Locals now try to avoid foreign influence; they dislike the militant Iranian presence, and blame the rest of the Europe for the crisis that forced Greece to leave the European Union, and exposed them to rampant Iranian strategic expansionism.

OTHER: fish,dogs,donkeys,sharks,snakes,goats :D







P07 (CZ P-07 Duty)

Submachine guns:

Assault rifles:

Snipers rifles:


AA/AT/GL Launchers:


Mounted weapons:

Special weapons:

  • Bounding mines(jumping)
  • Trip wires
  • Directional claymores

Weapon attachments: (click me)

  • Collimator sight
  • Combat optical sight
  • Sniper sight
  • NVG sight
  • FLIR sight
  • Flash hider
  • Sound suppressor
  • Flashlight
  • Laser marker
  • Mark 4 HAMR
  • Hybridsight
  • Mk 17 Holo

Clothing & Tactical gear:


  • 6.5x38 mm bullets
  • Laser guided mortar shells
  • Smoke mortar/artilery shells
  • Ilumination(flare) mortar shells
  • Caseless ammunition
  • AIM-132 ASRAAM
  • Multiple types of 45 mm rockets ( in AA,AT,AP)
  • Naval mines
  • Cluster bombs

Har du savnet å spille et skikkelig PC spill og litt lei av å spille på porta konsoll spill ?

Edited by cri74

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Det er helt sykt hva man kan gjøre med en PC nå fortiden.....er det ikke ?

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Meget bra arbeid! :)

Har hørt rykter om at du har laget rimelig intense informasjonstråder om Arma på Battle.no også, stemmer ikke det? Opp til deg selvsagt, men tviler på at noen vil ha vondt av å kunne lese de, for å si det slik.

Har ikke noe problem med å se for meg Cri som nyhetsskribent nei :)

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Arma2 var jo en flopp av dimensjoner, så jeg har null og nada troa på dette.

Og er det slik at man spawner et random sted på den forjævla store øya, også spiller man i 5 timer før en snikskyter på andre siden av åsen ser deg og dreper deg?

Merker at dette aldri vil fungere for en som er gladere i close combat som CSS. Men hver for sin smak :)

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Arma2 var jo en flopp av dimensjoner, så jeg har null og nada troa på dette.

Og er det slik at man spawner et random sted på den forjævla store øya, også spiller man i 5 timer før en snikskyter på andre siden av åsen ser deg og dreper deg?

Arma 2 var ingen flopp akkurat, men som du sier så har alle hver sin smak. Dette spillet passer nok best for de som liker det så ulinært og åpent som mulig. Med tanke på hvor mye du kan gjøre med dette spillet så er det en gave pakke "av dimensjoner" til dem som liker å spille på PC og alle de som elsker å modde, lage ting til hverandre og prøve ut ting i sandbox.

Appropos spawningen så spørs det helt på hvilken gamemode du spiller og/eller oppdrag. Som sagt så er spillet så åpent at du kan møte på hva som helst, akkurat som IRL eller i fantasien til den som har laget det du spiller. Arma community har feks en base på ArmaHolic der spillere, som har laget missions, har lagt ut sitt arbeid. Paramount i spillet og oppdragene man møter i Arma verden er samarbeid og taktikk.

Som et eksempel er det 15 linjer pr side og det er 31 sider bare på Arma2, i tillegg har du Operation Arrowhead. Ikke nok med det, men det finnes også modder du kan putte på disse missions eller editere det selv etter slik du eller din spillergruppe har lyst til å spille. Feks så laget en spill-kompis en ipod som du kunne legge inn musikk på inne i spillet - hver sin smak. Morsomme er at man kunne faktisk tune inn til Sahrani Radio med den, en radio stasjon som streamet til Arma community (Sahrani var en øy i Arma1) og som var en radio stasjon laget av spillere. Med andre ord så kan du egentlig spawne hvor som helst, eller legge til spawn selv, eller spille på en annerkjent server der alle er enige om at "slik var egentlig best". Som en Arma spiller vil man aldri gå tomt for materiale å spille, det er bare fantasien som setter grensene, og har du en god ide så har du muligheten til å lage oppdraget selv eller sette ting inn i spillet slik du vil ha det. ArmaHolic er et veldig godt eksempel på at Arma ikke er en flopp, alt du kan se og laste ned gratis er laget av andre spillere med interesse for spillet. Hvor mange filer som egentlig er det er jeg usikker på, men det man får gratis der viser bare de som har giddet å lage noe - i tillegg kommer alle de som spiller Arma.

Her er en artikkel på forsvarets forum der de har laget Nittedal og spiller der

Arma3 lover bedre Close-Quarters, men det kan nok ikke måle seg med mindre spill som BF3 eller CS som er strømlinjeformet til den bruken. Mye frihet, masse muligheter, gigantisk spill/verden. Denne friheten har vært en uoppdaget pærle vil jeg si, det er få som forstår seg på at man kan spille dette på så mange forskjellige måter. Men med friheten og mulighetene kommer det også noen krav, man må for eksempel ta seg tid til å sette seg inn i alt og Arma er ikke noe du styrer med tommeltotten slik som konsoll spillene som nå preger spill-verden.....og såklart, du trenger en PC for å spille.

Edited by cri74

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Mtp at de har oppdatert lys og effekter ble jeg ganske nysgjerrig da jeg så helikoptret ta av der :)

Ser ut som en fin liten øy...vel liten og liten, fru blom. Stratis er ca 25 kvadrat kilometer og det lover godt for specops oppdrag og annet morro.






Edited by cri74

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Dette ser jo insane ut:) hvordan er miljøet for Arma i Norge? Dette er jo spillet/simulatoren for den tålmodige karen vil jeg tro.

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Miljøet er groende vil jeg si. Det er mange som spiller Arma serien, men det er ikke noen fast tilholdsplass for norske spillere. Vi hadde TV2 da Arma startet der og vi fulgte "plain simple rules" da vi fikk et oppdrag (som heter maps eller mode i andre spill) som var et oppdrag med enighet om, og at vi hadde regler som gjaldt både spille og admins - fairplay og sportsmanship. Du skal huske på at man kan tegne på kartet og lage planer for angrep i dette spillet, sette markører og bruke militær teknologi som i virkeligheten. Her er det ikke slik at en flare kan bryte guided missiler bare fordi en eller annen i DICE synes det hadde vært kult etter påtrykk i reddit- Her fungerer våpen slik de skal.

Man skal nok huske på at dette spillet er ganske likt den gangen BF startet og de som utvikler det har lyst til å gi spilleren det samme miljøet og forutsetningene DICE ville gi sine spillere den gangen de startet. Det er derfor dette spillet er ekte PC spill og at det er et ekte bilde av hva man kan forvente seg av et FPS basert på militært spill. Arma2 serverne på TV2 tok førsteplass på Arma servere verden over med slike simple regler, og det etter kort tid. Det er et begrenset community som spiller på denne basisen og de fleste er såpass voksne at de har lyst til å bidra og ikke rive ned. Resultatet er et superb spill, men det er nytt (i den grad at du ikke kan styre det som et konsoll spill - med tommelen) og det er unikt. Folk som er mest keen på killingspree og skillcannon -REF SPOILER- må nok lete andre steder, og det som er positivt er at slike spillere ofte har andre spill som feks BF(slik det har blitt) eller COD. Dermed får de som spiller Arma være i fred og nyte spillet, men såklart er det de som lager BF i Arma også....altså de lager eksakte kopier av BF serien inn i Arma. Men selv det blir mikroskopisk i forhold til målestokken i Arma, i BF er det snakk om 500m til 2000 meter på det meste... i Arma er det snakk om flere kilometer, og som av og til må du ha fly for å frakte deg inn til slagfeltet :) For å fra sammenligninger så er nok Arma det Battlefield ønsket å være da det startet og fulgte på i BF2, men Bohemia har klart å lage det slik det skal være.

I Arma er det teamplay og strategi som teller, ift det jeg har opplevd. Så for å svare deg på spørsmålet Ramstad, så tror jeg du må være mer tolmodig i BF enn i Arma der du kan roame fritt og se ditt bidrag gjøre en forskjell. Både som spiller og i community, helt opp til dem som utvikler spillet og spiller sammen med deg.

Edited by cri74

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^^ lo godt når jeg så den videon din i spoilern Cri. Dog skal sies at jeg får virkelig lyst til å prøve ut Arma slik som det omtales her. Er det slik at vi har noen servere i Norge pr dags dato som drifter Arma, evt kommer til å drifte Arma3? Hvis ikke så synes jeg DU så absolutt burde ta en prat med styret her på battlefield.no ;)

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Cri er ARMA-gud ^^ Får alltid lyst til å spille arma når han snakker om det :p

Cri har vel en egen server? Vet ikke om den er public, eller hvordan det er.

Gleder meg til det kommer ut! =)

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chuu (nytt ord jeg har lært meg)

Om noen vil prøve Arma sammen med meg så er jeg ikke vanskelig å be :) Da spretter server opp og vi kan finne et interessant oppdrag. Har tatt vare på alle oppdrag som ble laget sammen med Victrix og dessuten er det enkelt å sette opp noe vi kan teste på. Kan jo også lage oppdrag mens vi sitter på server og plasserer ut noen utfordringer. Fly, tanks, CQC og masse våpen å leke med.

Men jeg må innrømme at det veldig gøy å leke med skillcannon akkurat nå :p

EDIT: Ivan Buchta, Creative Director on Arma 3

“Stratis fits our setting perfectly. Mostly because of the dense vegetation, it feels different than Limnos, and by adding many fictional features, we’ve enhanced the original realistic terrain. I’m sure players will love the scenery: the military camps, airbase, radar site, romantic coves - not to forget the shipwrecks and rocks scattered underwater.”

In addition, he also exposed that Stratis will serve as the playground of the upcoming Community Alpha. This means people will get to do some early reconnaissance, while helping the development team at the same time.

“The fact that Stratis is relatively small, compared to the gigantic Limnos area, should not fool you; the island has enough space to facilitate all kinds of gameplay, including massive multiplayer battles. Just know, once the Community Alpha is out, I’ll be watching from the best sniper spots!”

More intel on the Community Alpha will be declassified this summer, when the game is exhibited at E3.

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Dette ser jo veldig bra ut! Jeg tror at Arma 3 vil ta over for min egen del, fra Bf3. Men Arma 2, er det noen som spiller det da?

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Last Spring, the Arma 3 development team were handed the ideal opportunity to get to grips with a powerful anti-materiel rifle, the Gepard GM6 Lynx. Below, Creative Director, Ivan Buchta, describes the field trip and offers up some behind the scenes imagery!

Fieldtrips such as these contribute to the ongoing development of a new sound engine for Arma 3. Featuring improvements for things like vehicle and weapon SFX, it's certain to be big step up from Arma 2 with, for example, stereo sounds for weapons and vehicles estimated to use around 50 samples for their engine and exhaust, and 20 samples for the wheels on differing terrain. That compares with a total of around 15 samples per vehicle in Arma 2.

A new system of hearing weapon reports at different ranges, with distance attenuation and filtering, in also underway. Again, it's a more sophisticated solution than is currently present in Arma 2, and, of course, we look forward to presenting some ingame examples of these features and improvements over the next few months.


The sources for much of the audio are also more authentic with, for example, 'ambient sounds' - such as the sea, insects, winds, footsteps, etc - being recorded directly on Limnos. Click on the play button above to get a sense of the work-in-progress developments on the GM6 Lynx, with a mix-down of samples taken directly from the Hungary recording!

A Thing of Beauty: Gepard GM6 Lynx

Ivan Buchta, Creative Director, Arma 3

As with many exciting development stories, this one started with a rogue e-mail: "I talked to a guy in a Hungarian company manufacturing hi-calibre sniper rifles with unique construction. They are okay with giving us the CAD data and our using the rifle in-game, and we can visit to take pictures and record sounds if we want..." One of our artists had left me a message together with some YouTube links; well, that's really all we needed to know!


Following the kind offer from SERO, a weapons development and consultation company, based in Hungary, we decided that their anti-material rifle - with its ultra-modern construction and mighty appearance - would be a welcome part of Arma 3's arsenal! Soon after that, the artists were provided with CAD blueprints and started recreating the rifle for A3, while we were invited along to a demonstration of the Gepard GM6 Lynx, which took place in Hungary last spring. Getting two sound engineers and A3's designers to a car departing from Brno at 2:30am has been one of my biggest logistical achievements to date. :)

Let me fast-forward through the preparations and some night-driving to an early morning in the Hungarian lowlands: dimly-lit scenery full of low-level mist with the blades of wind turbines spinning overhead. We made our way through Budapest and ended up in a factory complex, where we were welcomed by Gábor Szabó, SERO's graphical artist and big fan of our games, and by Mr Endré Szabó, SERO Special Division's CEO. After trading a few T-shirts and games for some scarily-sized ejected brass casings, we made our way to the shooting range through the increasing morning traffic.


On the shooting range, we had few a minutes to set up the microphones, and the shooting commenced. There were two rifles in .50 and 12.7mm DMS calibres. Both appeared to be real beasts. The dust kicked up by the sheer power of each shot spoke of the amount of kinetic energy a shooter has to cope with. Even though the weapon's construction - which sports a recoiling barrel - helps a lot, SERO engineers had to come up with special casing for the electronic targeting system's camera, capable of withstanding the power generated by the shot. We were given a great lecture on constructing, firing and maintaining such a rifle.

The setup we used for the sound recording may appear scanty (a few mics and two tiny boxes), but it had been tested and proven before on the Czech Army's firing ranges two years ago. There were microphones capturing various wavelengths, echoes and sounds coming from different parts of the rifle.


At the very end of the session, we were offered the chance to send two .50 rounds into a nearby paper target. As Mr Szabó stated, "the worst thing that could happen is that you miss the berm and the bullet would continue to a nearby village, or you displace your shoulder and the optics would tear into your forehead." Naturally, though, the safety precautions were top notch and our shooter was given a thorough instruction and supervision, which resulted in two successful hits of the target and a superb first-hand experience for our configuration designer to put to good use.

Bohemia Interactive, making it real :D

Lydopptak i


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Dæven, dette kaller jeg greit nok research for å implentere et våpen i et spill.

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