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VIP-League 8v8 Conquest

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Glemte å legge til "Vietnam" i topicen, så det er sagt :)

VIP Vietnam Winter League 8on8 conquest

VIP Vietnam Winter League

VIP gaming has successfully been hosting 2 cups and 1 League in BC2, mode 5on5 infantry only.

VIP Gaming has decided to host a VIP Vietnam Winter League, mode 8on8 conquest. One of the reason for VIPs success are the rules. The in-game rules are familiar for most players who have already played in ESL BC2 with some adds.


Our most noticeable rules are the rules about forfeit and no-shows. A team that makes a no-show or decides to forfeit for an instance, last round because they already lost, will be punished with a permanent ban along with its players. This means that all players in a team is responsible to rearrange matches if needed and to show up for all matches. A team that forfeits or make a no-show will be deleted along with the teams result and further more the team will not receive any prices at all.

Another rule is also the use of WarCon latest version. the use of WarCon is mandatory. If a team's fail to use WarCon during a match then they will be punished. The punish could be lose of points or in worst case Ban. It's both teams responsibility to make sure WarCon latest version is running in the match.

WarCon is the tool that not only makes sure people don't use illegal weapons, but also ends the round after 20minuttes, track all players score so that we can make the popular topfragger list.

Since Vietnam is relatively new on the scene, then want to hear from the teams who wants to participants, what kind of rules they prefer in the VIP Vietnam Winter League.

We have make 2 kinds of possible rules that has to be decided. Each team has one vote. This means that the teams signing up must write whether they vote rules no.1 or rules no.2.

1st rule suggestion:

Banned weapons/gadgets.

1. Mortar

Why this rules. Mortar is a weapon the never should have been introduced to a Battlefield game unless it was dedicated to a commander. since everyone can go sniper and use mortar then it would end in camping and spamming mortar shells.

2nd rules suggestion:

Banned weapons/gadgets.

1. LMGs

2. Mortar

3. No extra grenades and no explosive damage.

Why these rules. Its very well known that medics with revive capabilities and LMGs is a bit to powerful. Imaging a lockdown situation on a primary infantry map, like Khao Son Temple. 7-8 medic with high power machineguns with 75-100 bullets. It will be almost impossible to break through a line of pure medics with 75-100 high damage weapons. In order to prevent a tube fest, grenade spam and to level the assault versus the medic a bit more the gadgets 2x grenades and no extra explosive damage.

How to sign up:

In order to sign up all players must create and account on www.vip-gaming.net with the user name they want to use in the League and with correct age and country information.

When a account has been made a team can be create in Community-teams-create team. All players must then join the team using the selected password.

A player can play for only 1 team at the league. Depending on the number of team signing up, we are ready to make mid season transfer meaning that a team can add 1 or 2 players to their lineup. All players must be signed up on the team before the first match in the league is played otherwise they won't be allowed to play.

When a team and its players are signed up in the Community-teams-join team, then the teams can sign up on the sign up forum located in.

When signup a team up this information is demanded:

1. Team Name.

2. Website.

3. Contact info. MSN, xfire, TS IP etc.

4. Which division. Pick at least one 1st priority and 2nd priority.


To register an account: www.vip-gaming.net

To create team: http://www.vip-gaming.net/index.php?site=teams

To sign up a team to the Vietnam league: http://www.vip-gaming.....php?site=forum&board=193

Why should you and your team join VIP Vietnam League?

1. The administrators are dedicated and without any influence of the participants.

2. The administrators will take each case/complaint separately and make a decision within 3 days.

3. The administrators have the right to disregard the rules if they are deficient or if the case if different than normal cases.

4. VIP has now gathered several independent news writers that will make news, pre-match predictions, after-match reports, interviews and much more. The coverage of the 1st division will have 1st priority.

5. WarCon makes it possible to make topfragger list. So it's possible for all the Rambo and Rambo wonnabies to get famous.

6. VIP Gaming are proud to be able to present prizes in this 1st VIP Vietnam League. Prizes are cool cash( so far 500€ ) , servers and fully hardware. More info on this later!.

NOTICE! In order for a team to receive any prizes a Bank account must be create and must be allowed to receive money from foreign countries. The winning team has 2 weeks from last played League match to claim the prize and provide the necessary bank information. Also it is mandatory that all teams that want to be able to win and recieve prizes, 1st person record using fraps, wegame, playclaw etc. All recordings must be saved for at least one week and no more than 1 month unless the administrators dictates otherwise.

7. Strict rules about no-shows and forfeits.

8. A team is guaranteed 1 match a week unless the tournament structure prevents it.

9. Rules will be updated throughout the whole tournament. Big changes will be announced.

We will see you and your team in the first edition of VIP Vietnam League?

-->Last sign up date will be announced soon!<--

Useable links:

WarCon latest version: "http://www.vip-gaming.net/index.php?site=files&file=29"

Håper så mange lag som mulig melder seg på smile.png

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