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FIRST BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING Go in to C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles (or where ever u have installed it to) and copy the the Profile folder to a diff location. So you can replace it if u F anything up LOL.

Getting your FPS up not only helps the registration of shots it will also lower your ping.

You can put these in console ingame (tilde key, bellow Escape.....also put / before commands or you just say them) or by editing your config_mp file, which is in your profile folder).

The Quake 3 engine that is used in CoD4 has sweet spots for setting your maxfps so you should have the fps shown in top right to find out what you get. Command = cg_drawfps simple

The Sweet spots are:

com_maxfps 125 with cl_maxpackets 100

com_maxfps 76 with cl_maxpackets 39

com_maxfps 66 with cl_maxpackets 34

Mine is set com_maxfps 0 with com_maxpackets 125(the highest it can go) with maxfps set to 0 the fps will go as high as your comp lets it Razz my best has 218 fps

More commands to up your FPS and lower your ping:

snaps 30 or 40

sv_maxrate 25000

rate 25000

cl_maxPing "800"

cg_blood 0

cg_bloodLimit 0

cg_bloodLimitMsec 330

cg_brass 0

cg_marks 0

cg_marks_ents_player_only 0

fx_marks_ents 0

fx_marks 0

pb_sleep 500

pb_writecfg (this makes pb_sleep 500 permanent)

r_distortion 0

r_dof_enable 0

r_drawDecals 0

r_drawSun 0

r_drawWater 0

ai_corpseCount 0

Other commands:

cg_fov 80 (This changes your feild of veiw, you can see more but everything become smaller Razz)

bind F1 "toggle cg_fov 65 80" (this sets up a key so you can change back and forth between veiws in game)

bind F2 "toggle r_gamma 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2" (This bind lets you change the gammer in game with one key Razz you will never have to use night vision again)

/+holdbreath (You can only do this ingame - it makes you hold your breath as soon as you use scope on sniper - this goes away after u exit game)

(These two make the Bomb, Defend and bomb site icons smaller so they don't get in the way as much)

bind F3 toggle waypointiconheight "15"

bind F4 togglewaypointiconwidth "15"

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