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Call of Duty 4 Promod : Version 3 FINAL

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Call of Duty 4 Promod : Version 3 FINAL

Official Site : http://www.cod4promod.com

BETA Site : http://www.thisisraf1.com/promod_beta.html

Sounds and music

• All maps have ambient noise removed

• Leader dialog has been removed from the game

• Music has been removed from the game

• A neutral commentator has been added

Gameplay and Balancing

• The SMG class has been reduced in power

• The snipers hitboxes will now tag less

• The AWP fix has been implemented

• The nosway fix has been implemented

• Registration has been optimised for all classes

• Flash bangs now are more direction dependant

• The bomb can now be dropped in SD

• Knife automelee and lunge has been removed

• The shotgun grip was removed

Menu Optimisation

• The new promod controls have been distributed throughout the control, options and quick commands menus

• Weapons can now be ‘fast selected’ using the keyboard

• The Desert Eagle is now the default pistol for all classes

• The AK74u is now the default SMG

• The AK47 is now the default Assault Rifle

• Non-used features have been removed from the weapons menu

• You no longer have to flick into spectate to unlock classes

Visuals and FPS

• Guns now have camouflage available

• The field of view can now be increased to 90

• Camouflage can be removed using the new menus

• All maps have ambient particles and smoke removed

• Fog has been further reduced throughout the game

• The games desaturation has been removed, resulting in more colour

• Walls now contain less detail, improving fps and visibility

• The game no longer greyscreens inbetween rounds

• Player ‘bob’ has been removed when sprinting, e.g

• Weapon flash/smoke has been removed

• Dynamic lighting has been disabled

• Shadows have been disabled


• A new map overhead view is available

• (Action replays may be available)

• Scores are now given while shoutcasting

• Points awarded for events have been made more appropriate

Bug Fixes and Anti Cheating

• Timeouts will no longer break the defuse mechanism

• You can no longer view the whole map when connecting late

• The chances of IWD mismatch have been reduced

• The compass cheat is now always detected

• You can no longer free spectate without joining a team or going into shoutcast mode

• The server will now warn of ‘devmap’

• The ready up status indicator now correctly shows half time, overtime

• Servers will now detect illegal server-side cvars, and warn.

• The 7 second defuse bug has been fixed

• The 4 second plant bug has been fixed

Additional Improvements

• You can now kill during the ready up period

• You now receive accuracy data on request or at the end of the game

• The MR system will now accept any number

• Grenades are now unlimited during devmap

• The plant/defuse bar has been made more accurate

• Attack and Defence have replaced Opfor, Spetsnaz, etc

• The demo name placing has been fixed

• Numerical ammo information has been implemented

Dette ser nå meget bra ut!

AS har oppe egen public server :lol: AutroSquad promod S&D (

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